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Top 5 Concord Watches for Men and Women

Updated on October 2, 2010

Concord Watches - Extreme Luxury

Concord watches are not for everyone and certainly not for every occasion. They are highly prized and made to last many lifetimes. This makes Concord Watches fit to be family heirlooms. That is why they make for great gifts for special times in a person’s life such as graduations, weddings and birthdays.

With the advent of the internet, luxury brands have become more affordable and accessible. Now, you can buy Concord Watches at excellent prices and you will be spoiled for a large variety of choices. In this article, I am presenting to you my top picks for the best Concord watches at the most competitive prices. I have taken into account their designs and their prices. So take a look at some of these gorgeous watches. They all come highly rated.

Concord Watches - The Brand

Concord watches are a luxury brand owned by the world famous Movado Group. The Concord Watch brand was founded in 1908 in Switzerland with the American consumer in mind. Concord watches are made for luxury conscious and highly discerning consumers who are looking for beautifully designed and highly lavish watches.

These watches make perfect gifts for anniversaries, weddings and birthdays because they are one of a kind and elite. Concord have been making watches for more than a century and come with a rich history and reputation as top Swiss watchmakers.

Men's Concord Watches (Massive Discounts)

A History of Quality and Innovation

Concord watches have always been known for their innovation and commitment to quality. They were one of the first companies to come out with jewel encrusted watches.

They were also known for their Delirium watch which was the world’s thinned watch in the 1970’s as well as watches made from coins. Their eccentricity and opulence makes them a very popular watch brand amongst the rich and famous.

The Rebirth of Concord Watches

In 2007, Concord Watches reinvented themselves and introduced their newest C1 watch. The C1 is a luxury sports design which is targeted towards the wealthy and youthful market. Their new collections are analogous to sports cars of the watch making world. Their customers are people who prefer buying a Ferrari to a Rolls Royce. People who love the high and fast life adore Concord Watches.


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