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Men in Makeup: What's So Wrong With It?

Updated on July 30, 2015

With the growth of social media and networking as our technology advances more people have gained fame, popularity, or the opportunity to create their own careers. Many of these people have been coming from the beauty and makeup industry. Some of us may know the names of some of these gurus, artists, and YouTube personalities, but the question is “How many of them do we know that are men?” Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why would men want to wear or do makeup?” Well, why do women enjoy makeup?

Makeup isn’t just about being pretty or enhancing your features, it’s an art. Over the years both men and women have been recognized greatly for creating other arts such as music, clothing lines, or physical works of art. What I and maybe those who may agree with me don’t understand is this… Why can’t there be a Madonna and Michael, Da Vinci and Kahlo, or Chanel and Klein in the beauty and makeup world? We call ourselves living in “The Land of the Free”, but that doesn’t seem to free us from holding down each other’s ambitions. We should be able to do what we want and be who we want.

Part of this could be because some of us are scared, but that’s because we see how those who try are treated.

Now I know that there are men who wear makeup to enhance their own features such as many actors, artists, and most celebrity men, and if you look at studies show that this has actually made male makeup less of a bizarre concept. The problem is that they’re just enhancing their features, which they aren’t judged for. What about the men who actually take the time to do eye shadow, lashes, lipstick, and other things to achieve a more feminine look, are judged for it? They get shamed because they aren’t striving to be more ‘manly’ or to have a more ‘rock star’ look. We accept male makeup artists who make our celebrity or ordinary women look good for their photo shoots and wedding, but what about the ones who do that work on themselves?

An example can be house name: Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star (born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger), was raised in Los Angeles County, California and moved to Los Angeles after graduating high school. As a child he enjoyed trying makeup and eventually began to wear it as he got older. He started off working as a makeup artist and model. Since he’s started his career in 2006, Jeffree has also worked in the music industry and has his own Company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Or a lesser known artist making his way to the top as a YouTube personality who was inspired by Jeffree:Patrick Starr

Patrick Simondac or better known as Patrick Starr on YouTube is a freelance makeup artist from Florida. Since 2013 Patrick has shown his techniques and some of his story in his YouTube channel which only has a little over 300,000 subscribers. And thanks to them and others he’s inspired through social media, Patrick’s popularity has landed him spots at several beauty events, photo shoots, and there are many more things to come from his work.

There are so many young men and women out there who want to put themselves out there and do things that make or confident even if they aren’t expected of their gender. The problem is, we need to stop telling them that they can’t. We have to realize that no one can be happy if they aren’t true to themselves, and we need to know this applies to everyone and not just those who enjoy activities related to their gender. This issue doesn’t just apply to gender, we’re also held back by our culture, and all we can do is proving to those who tell us we’re wrong that we’re right.

For all of those with shadowed ambitions, as Manuel Gutierrez, better known as Manny MUA, has been quoted on from one of his recent videos, speaking on his journey so far as a male makeup artist,

“This is going out to all the little boys and all the little girls, who think that they need to change. You do not need to change. You are the same person you are, and you stay that way, and you will succeed in life. I promise you. Don’t change for anyone or anything.”- Manny MUA


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