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Mens Boxer Shorts: Elegance, Style & Comfort

Updated on March 20, 2011

Mens Boxer Shorts Let You Feel Free!

 Mens boxer shorts are loose shorts that are secured around the waist by an elastic band. The term mens boxer shorts, so named for the baggy shorts worn by boxers to allow greater leg movement, has been used in the English language since the 1940s.
The popularity of mens boxer shorts can be accredited to several factors: there are endless fabric, design and style options, they are extremely comfortable, and they look great!

Unlike the tighter style of mens briefs, boxer shorts allow greater range of movement. Most mens boxer shorts have some sort of fly at the front. The most common design is an open fly which consists of fabric that effectively overlaps to cover the opening fully. Other designs include buttons or metal snaps to secure the opening.

Mens boxer shorts look great on men, don't they ladies?
Mens boxer shorts look great on men, don't they ladies?

Many Different Types Of Mens Boxer Shorts

 Quite often, the fabric used to make mens boxer shorts isn't very stretchy, so they are designed with a large panel or "balloon" seat in the rear. This allows the wearer a greater range of movement, particularly when bending over. The most common panel design includes a pair of seams on either edge of the seat area, creating a center panel. Most manufacturers incorporate this design in their mens boxer shorts.

Some not so common types of boxer shorts are yoke front and gripper shorts. Gripper shorts have a stretchy waist band like regular mens boxer shorts, but contain two or three snaps on the fly and waist band so they may be opened completely. Yoke front shorts are like the gripper style except that the fly itself does not have a snap closure. The yoke style of mens boxer shorts was used during World War II. The rubber used in making elastic was needed for other purposes by the military, so the side of the yoke was secured by cloth string that could be tied to tighten the waist band.

Ladies... ladies... over here! This is a Hub on mens boxer shorts, not the men!
Ladies... ladies... over here! This is a Hub on mens boxer shorts, not the men!

The Eternal Mens Boxer Shorts vs. Briefs Debate

Some men like to sleep in boxer shorts, many like to wear nothing at all, while others prefer mens pajamas. Pajamas for men are available to suit every taste and budget, from the sensual elegance of silk pajamas to the practicality of footie pajamas that keep your feet nice and warm on the coldest nights. You'll find that there are women's pajamas available in matched sets to the men's versions and these womens pajamas look great on your favorite lady. But then again, I don't think I have to try to convince too many men about the joys of seeing a lovely lady wearing womens sleepwear!

Mens boxer shorts suit virtually any man but there is always the typical schism between men who prefer briefs and those who wear mens boxers shorts. It's truly up to the individual preference of the men. Boxer shorts are convenient and cool, but some men don't like the bunching up that can happen under slacks with men's-boxer-shorts. There are many great brands to choose from when you're looking to buy the best mens boxer shorts and many even make womens boxer shorts. Hanes mens boxer shorts are the prototypical mens white boxer shorts from a company that has a very solid reputation and long history in making fine boxer shorts for men.

Mens boxer shorts have even made their impact on the fashion runway!
Mens boxer shorts have even made their impact on the fashion runway!

Mens Boxer Shorts Can Help Maintain Your Sperm Count High

 Recent studies have indicated that wearing tight underwear may be bad for a man's sperm count. It is reasoned that the testicles are located outside the body in order to remain at the cool temperature required for sperm production. Restrictive underwear hold the testes close to the body, thus raising the temperature and reducing sperm production. Mens boxer shorts allow the testes more freedom, helping to keep them at the preferred temperature for healthy production. There is also a theory (unproven to date) that restrictive underwear can increase the risk of testicular cancer.

A Fine Brand of Mens Boxer Shorts

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    • profile image

      Prince Michael B.T. 6 years ago

      I want embark on the production of boxers in my home town and need some special machines for that purpose!

    • Don Simkovich profile image

      Don Simkovich 7 years ago from Pasadena, CA

      Next time you need a model for your Hubs, Hal . . . oh, well, forget I'll probably be busy. Anyway, the shorts are comfortable. It's funny how longer for men is more fashionable now. Like basketball . . . look at the shorts now compared to the 70s! Clever Hub. As for your comment on sperm count . . . my comment is my wife and I have adopted our four kids.