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Mens Brown Leather Belts

Updated on November 8, 2010

Men's Brown Leather Belt

Not all Men, But Most!

Men, for the most part, have traditionally (and stereotypically) been exempt from the frets and fears of fashion when it comes to putting outfits together for the office or that night out on the town. Which is too bad, because having the right clothes for the right occasion can really make anyone feel confident. And confidence is what gets us all up in the morning. Most men are at least capable of choosing a shirt and pants with little difficulty even if they don't have much success. However, men seldom think about accessories such as shoes--or belts.

Men’s brown leather belts are the single most popular belt style among men. Leather in general is the number one material preferred with brown (and black) being the two most popular colors. Finding the right combination of belt and buckle to work with your character (and with your clothes) deserves a great deal of consideration. And having a well put together wardrobe will make you more feel comfortable and you’ll be more apt to make a favorable impression on new people you meet. So what is there to look for in a brown leather belt?

Make Sure it Fits

Let’s start with the band of the belt; the part that wraps around your waist and holds up your pants or slacks. Most men never consider that this simple piece of leather actually comes in multiple sizes and widths with varying holes to accommodate different appetites (or the results of thier appetites). Belts do have sizes dictated by their length and the number of holes available for the buckle. In addition, all belts have distinct widths for specific applications, look and feel. You can find the size of a new belt on the tag. Older belts just need to be test driven. A belt that is too small needs to be tossed. A belt that is too large can be made to fit by notching more holes and cutting the leather tip of the belt shorter.

Belt Width (or widthout)

Deciding on a belt width takes a little more consideration. Generally,  belts with thin widths should be considered for formal occasions, used to accentuate a dress suit or attire. Typically, brown leather belts coordinate well with shoes in formal attire and tie together the pants and the shirt. Because brown is so versatile and blending, it can be used with a wide array of dress clothing and still provide a muted accent.  Most importantly, you should purchase a men’s belt that has a width that coordinates with the belt loops on your pants. Western belts in particular are very wide to accommodate western belt buckles. Be cautious and if you’re nervous pick a belt with an average width that is neither skinny or wide. This allows you to dress for many different occasions.

Belt Style

The style of the belt is important to the occasion and should also project your mood and feeling. Rule #1: you can always go plain and simple. Most types of men’s brown leather belts have no pattern or markings that set it apart from the rest. This keeps the eyes on the clothing. Simple belt’s shouldn’t be confused with undesirable belts. Wear plain belts when you want to draw attention to other parts of your outfit.

 If you’d rather draw attention to your waist, go ahead and wear a belt that has a more panache. There are many  kinds of leather belts out there, including; braided leather belts, stamped, stitched, feathered edged, tapered, laced, and distressed. The list goes on. Go ahead and look around an internet store and you’ll get a good idea of what belt styles exist. But keep in mind that belts with clean lines and crisp profiles are better for professional apparel. Outlandish designs and slogans engraved on wide belts with flourishes are better for a night out on the town. More distressed belts tend to look over-worn instead of fashionable in an office atmosphere.

Buckle Up!

Oh, the belt buckle. Taking the time to choose the proper belt strap is important, but pales in comparison when it comes to choosing a belt buckle. Most belt buckles sold in stores are just plain old metal –functional and simple. These buckles are mostly desirable in formal and office situations. But, the fun belt buckles have no limit save your imagination and are designed to meet the desires of the individual. There is an unlimited number of belt buckle styles to choose from and each one gives you chance to say something unique and individual. Not every bely buckle must be large and gaudy (see western style buckles that command the waist). Many are designed well –small but intricate—and can really tie an outfit together well.  

The Bottom Line

So remember, for the office and formal occasions choose a thin brown leather belt that has crisp, narrow lines and simplistic patterns—but focus on plain and muted. Choose a buckle that is functional, but doesn’t steal the show. Think compliment, not accent. For those more causal nights out on the town express yourself. Remember that a wider belt will open up your options in terms a belt buckle. Let loose with an engraved belt or something more distressed—but make sure its comfortable. Number one rule however; find a men’s brown leather belt that makes you look great and feel confident


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