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Mens Bulova Watches

Updated on February 2, 2011

The Bulova Precisionist is the ideal mens watch and the best price can be found on Amazon

Bulova prides itself as being one of the premier American watch brands.  And there is a rich history of quality watches whose timing has been used for everything from Olympics to the space program.  But more importantly, the Bulova watches for men are affordable yet high quality watches that are respected by both watch lovers and everyday watch wearers alike.  If you are looking for an cheap luxury men's watch, you can't go wrong with Bulova's watches.

In this Bulova watch review, we cover all of Bulova mens watch series including the Precisionist, the Marine Star, their Diamond and Crystal watches as well as the mechanical series.  You can use any of the links to learn more about the watches, see more styles or if you are so compelled to buy Bulova watches.

Bulova Mens Precisionist Watches

The newest and, by far, most technically advanced of the Bulova mens watches are the Precisionist watches.  These watches use the classic Japanese quartz movement but, through Bulova's advanced technology, has transformed the tick that is associated with a quartz movement into a continuously sweeping second hand that is characteristic of mechanical watches.  While this may or may not be a big deal to you, it certainly adds to the elegance of the watches.  With this new Precisionist movement came some fresh designs to Bulova's watches.  Many of the Precisionist men's watches still feature the Bulova tuning forks at the 12 o'clock position, but the watches themselves look a lot more classy as Bulova incorporates high polishes on their high grade stainless steel and small but important accents like the knurled watch arm and beveled dauphine hands.  This is a modern man's classic watch that you are guaranteed to love.

Bulova Mens Diamond Watches

The men's diamond watches from Bulova are simple dress watches that take a classic watch and tactfully accent the face with a diamond.  The watches are stainless steel with a few that have the black ion-plating to provide a couple different options.  Each watch has diamond studs at the hour markers and each features a date window somewhere on the watch.  They use a Japanese quartz movement and are water resistant to 99 feet.  If you're looking for a cheap men's diamond watch (and by that I mean affordable) these watches make a great dress watch.

Bulova Mens Mechanical Watches

The men's mechanical watches are truly a feat of beauty.  Mechanical watches are loved by those who are in touch with the intricacies of the mechanisms of a watch.  When you think about, a lot of stuff is going on in there mechanically and the precision of all of those movements we just take for granted.  The Bulova mechanical watches offer both automatic winding that have a movement which winds the watch just by swinging your arm, but they also offer a hand winding mechanism.  This is rare nowadays in the era of the high tech watch.  But for someone who truly loves their watch, the daily hand winding ritual is a chance to appreciate this horological feat.

The mechanical watches offer a range of different styles from rectangular tonneau style cases, to the regular circular watch faces and several that are dive watches.  Some offer a full look at the mechanism (skeleton watch) so that you can watch each gear slowly tick away, while others simply offer the "open heart" window where you get a peak at the watches inner mechanism.

Bulova Mens Marine Star

The Bulova Marine Star is one of the flagship men's watches from Bulova.  This could be because this watch attempts to be all things to all types of men…and does a pretty good job.  The watch body and bracelet design give it the look of a sports watch and there are plenty of models that offer the typical sports watch complications (chronograph and tachymeter).  But the material choices (the stainless steel and rubber straps) plus the 100 meter water resistant make it a perfectly functional dive watch.  But it's the overall design; the accents and the color choices that make it a very attractive dress watch.  And since there are a range of different styles to choose from you can take your pick of a sports watch that you can wear dressed to the nines, or a dress watch that can be used for sports (and anywhere in between).

Bulova Mens Crystal Watches

The men's Bulova crystal watches feature a more modern look that incorporate the Swarovski crystals into the design.  These crystals help to blend the elegance of a dress watch with the look and feel of a sports watch to create and all around, all purpose watch.  Each of the crystal watches features a day and date calendar subdial as well as a 24 hour subdial.  These watches use the standard Japanese quartz movement and are water resistant to 99 feet. This is a great watch for someone who is looking for a high quality everyday watch but also like the luxurious bling of the crystals (which is tastefully done).

Bulova Mens Classic Watches

The classic mens watches from Bulova area tribute to the timeless styles that look as good today as they did years ago.  These watches feature stainless steel watches and matching bracelets and all of them use the standard Japanese quartz movements.  They offer nominal water resistance of 99 feet which isn't good for much more than taking a shower.  The classic Bulova watches have both the dive watch look as well as the more classy dress watch with the tonneau rectangular case.  There are few models that have the two tone gold and silver look for those who prefer the gold accent.


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    • 1000Ways profile image

      1000Ways 6 years ago

      Thanks man. I really like what they've done with the Precisionist watches and if you want a watch that's going to look good and last for a long time to come, to me, it's worth the money. Thanks for stopping by!

    • danieliuhasz profile image

      danieliuhasz 6 years ago from Romania

      They look awesome! A bit too pricy for what I have in mind but purely awesome!