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The What Not to Wear List!

Updated on April 13, 2014

Men’s clothing fashion trend does not change drastically, but even with the limited choices men can make mistakes in choosing the right outfits for themselves. Tips on what not to wear seem to be more important now than what to be wearing. As newer styles and designs are being experimented, there are some style and designs that are absolutely unbecoming.

What Not to Wear Tips:

If men want to be considered professional with regard to men’s clothing and style, there are certain garments they must avoid. These outfits may be fashionable in certain sections of the society, but may not suit for either professional or casual wear.

Avoid skinny jeans at all costs. Jeans that clutches your legs tightly from waist downwards is a feminine style. This has been so from the vintage times and still continues to be. Not only does it make men look unprofessional but also borders on ridiculousness.

Deep freeze the cowboy hats and bolo ties. This western gear may still be in fashion in certain remote parts of Canada and US, but no one would like to see you in these in the professional arena.

Also avoid the popped collar polo shirt. This single season style had the image of frat boy and was best untouched even then. The most foolish style could be layer popped collars – polo collar shirt with collared leather jacket.

The four button suit would only fit the extremely boxy man of standard measurements. As for others, this style is best avoided.

Men may also want to avoid the Canadian Tuxedo style – denim jackets with other denim ensembles. In fact a contemporary jacket with the right wash worn over casual pants (other than denim or any blue for that matter) may be okay. However on most men this outfit looks terrible so it is better not to take chances.

With the focus of men’s fashion being on high style and business style, men may want to keep away the loose, baggy, ill made gaudy trousers and shirts. Nothing could be more unprofessional than a gunny sac image.

Camouflage prints popularity has diminished and it now belong to the 1990s image. It is now rare to find them now in shirts as well as cargo style pants.


Keep the dark olive and brown colored suits for the non professional events. For regular use you may choose from the standard navy blue, charcoal and black suits. Even thin pinstripes and solid colors are fine. For formal occasions avoid the bright colors suits and shirts.

Avoid having too many or too less buttons on Men’s suit jackets. Two to three buttons are ideal.

Avoid linen shirts and other easily wrinkling fabrics for regular formal wear. They look unsightly at the office meetings. You may wear them for informal office parties though.

Do not wear bold prints and patterns or jeans under formal business suits. These could mar the whole image.


Unless it is a casual party, men should avoid short sleeves or short tops.

Keep the shiny rayon and Saturn materials for the open jeep trip rather than urban wear.


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