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Men's Cowboy Hats: Sexy Styles

Updated on September 26, 2009

Cowboy hats fall into one of two categories: The ridiculously stupid, and the ridiculously sexy. Unfortunately, most of the men I see sporting these hats are not looking ridiculously sexy.. so you can guess which type of hat they're usually wearing.

If you're wondering how a New Yorker came to be such a fashion authority on cowboy hats and what makes them sexy, I lived in Texas for nearly a decade. I've seen every style, and every color. Now, obviously, cowboy hats can serve a practical purpose for real cowboys -- we're not talking about that today for two reasons. 1: Real cowboys aren't going to care about sex appeal when buying their hat. 2. Real cowboys are unlikely to be surfing the next for advice on how to look sexy when wearing one.

Other men are, however, and that's who this geared toward; the men who aren't cowboys and just want to try one on for the sake of sex appeal. I've selected 3 Stetsons which I think 99% of men can wear without looking too silly. One may look better than the other two, that's up to you to decide. Personally, I think the straw hats are the best bet, because they aren't super obvious, and they will not give people the impression that you think yourself to be a real cowboy.

Stetson Malibu

This is, perhaps, my favorite cowboy hat style. The straw material makes it very trendy looking -- you can wear this even if you aren't a cowboy. Indeed, this is probably the most commonly seen hat amongst urban cowboys across America. It's a cowboy hat with a funky personality. As long as you aren't wearing a tux or business suit, it will look good.

Cost: $50

Stetson Santa Monica

Similar to the Malibu, this is another funky cowboy hat most of y'all would look good in. I've seen loads of Texas university students (male and female) sporting them, and I was always surprised by how good they look. Yes, they might look at bit silly online, but they look pretty fantastic in person. As with the Malibu, this one is made of straw.

Cost: $50

Stetson Durango

This is the only traditional cowboy hat I'm including, because it's the only felt Stetson that I really like. You'll notice it's not the 10 gallon type; people won't be able to see your hat from 20 miles away, and that's what makes it fashionably sexy. That, and it's black. White cowboy hats haven't been sexy since the Lone Ranger went off the air.

Cost: $135


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