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Men's Day Date Watch

Updated on July 8, 2011

Rolex Day Date Watch

The Origin of the Mens Day Date Watch

The idea of the Day Date Watch is so absolutely mundane and commonplace that it’s hard to realize that at one point it was an innovation—much less one that would be fine tuned for decades. The idea was simple, not only show watch wearers the time, but show them the date and day of the week. The inception of this innovation would eventually lead to watches being littered with other useful (sometimes) tools such as calculators, alarms, stop watches, lights and even radios. But, who came up with the original day date watch? Rolex, of course.

Rolex watches are easily regarded by collectors around the world as the finest chronometers produced. The mere mention of Rolex introduces images of prestige, power, and exclusivity. In fact, Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand, producing about 2,000 watches per day—all of which are sought after and all of which fetch a hefty price. So how did the first wristwatch with a day-date function first come about?

The Rolex Day-Date watch first saw the light of day in 1956, but the story starts in 1948, when the Chairman of Rolex first presented President Eisenhower with an 18kt gold Datejust watch--one of the company's new designs. The watch was awarded to celebrate the Allied victory over the Nazis in World War II. Time passed and in 1956, Eisenhower's watch needed a new bracelet. Rolex sent a bracelet with a concealed clasp—which was then nicknamed the "President's bracelet". Soon after, the Day-Date watch was also nicknamed the "President", most likely  because it was the same year the Day-Date watch was introduced.

Since the creation of the Rolex Day Date Watch other brands have taken their best shot at producing similar makes and models.  AK Homme, Citizen, Timex, Seiko and others all have a day date watch series—each with their own twist and style. And many of these companies have obviously succeeded in procuring market share by producing wonderful time pieces. However, the pure passion and drive to create and revolutionize the standard watch remains firmly in the grasp of Rolex. And by all accounts this seems to be the trend into the foreseeable future.

To watch or not to watch

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Rolex Day-Date President 18K Gold Watch Review


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