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Mens Fashion – Useful Tips on How to Choose a Watch

Updated on June 2, 2013

There are many different types of watches in stores nowadays, ranging from the very cheap to the very stylish, decorative, and expensive.

When you are choosing a watch to wear, the first thing you want to consider is what its use would be-do you want a watch only for formal occasions, to go with your formalwear? Or do you want a more practical watch that you'll wear daily to work? Do you play sports, and need a sweat-and-waterproof, comfortable sporty watch, or are your looking for something to show off your wealth?

All of these things must be taken into consider when you're selecting a suitable watch for your outfit or daily use.

Before you select a watch, be sure to try on plenty of alternatives and choose one that is both comfortable and fitting to your needs.

You don't want to wear a beautiful watch, and then find your wrists swollen and chaffed at the end of the day.

Look through popularity to functionality - is that Rolex watch really necessary for every day use?

Sure, if you can afford it, go for it - but a watch that is both practical, durable, accurate, and has a decent appearance must be considered.

As for the watch design, well, that's where your own taste comes in. See what color fits you best - is it the one with the black leather strap, or the delicate silver watch? Do you prefer the shiny gold one? Here, every watch fits a different personality, so choose the one that fits yours best.

James Bond Omega Seamaster advert

Watches are divided into two categories - automatic, and quartz:

Automatic watches don't use batteries and are powered by the wearer's movement of the wrist. Thus, an automatic watch may stop ticking when worn very occasionally, such as once a week.

Automatic watches tend to be much more expensive than quartz ones, and generally are engineered very precisely to have the amount of power to work accurately. A quartz watch, however, may be more practical both in price and usage for the common watch-seeker.

Quartz watches are your normal watches that require batteries that are very small and must be replaced after some time. Because they lack the extremely precise and high-tech engineering that automatic watches require, they are significantly lower in price.

Another thing you should strongly consider when looking at watches is the caliber of the watch - whether it's caliber automatic, or standard automatic. The caliber measures quality and accuracy of the movement-the caliber compares the movement to the heart of the timepiece (measured in calibers). So a higher caliber would mean a higher quality movement, which provide more precision than do lower calibers. A high enough caliber of movement would be 36, but those are very accurate and tend to be more expensive.

The material from which the watch Is made is also very important - usually, it is good to choose a stainless steel or titanium watch for practical use.

However, if you're a watch collector or very wealthy, all sorts of other materials are available to you. Avoid aluminum alloy, as those lose its nice finish after a while. Again, the style and choice of watch is yours, but do take these suggestions of quality into consideration.


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    • profile image

      Latest Men Fashion Trends 7 years ago

      My favourite watch for summer was the plastic watch! Superb article :)

    • profile image

      Funky Watches 7 years ago

      Great hub. Choosing a watch isn't as easy as people think! This defiantly helped me :)

    • profile image

      Casio Edifice Watch 8 years ago

      I currently wear a casio edifice watch and this is the latest and greatest watch. I'd recommend looking into one.