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Men’s Fashion: How To Identify Your Personal Casual Style

Updated on April 1, 2016

Today’s discerning man incorporates diversity in all aspects of his life, right down to his wardrobe. The 21st century man knows that while clothes may not always make the man, they are key to expressing - through style, color, fit and quality - his individuality. Whether you are looking for men’s casual polo shirts, men’s formal dress shirts, men's fashion pants, or the all-important men’s fashion accessories, boring is out and smart sophistication is in.

Gone are the days when casual dressing meant you had to give up style. Now, you can let your unique taste shine through whether out for breakfast at the diner, on an afternoon shopping trip, or on that all important first date with a special someone. Comfortable dressing is essential as we divide our time to include many tasks in one day; often not having enough hours in the day to change our clothes in-between appointments and errands.


How do I determine my individual style?

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to casual men's fashion. If you're having difficulty deciding on the style that suits you best, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

What style would most complement my build?

Physical appearance, such as height, weight, skin tone and age, all contribute to the overall style that will best enhance a desired appearance. Do you want to appear taller, shorter, slimmer or more muscular? It is important to understand the styles, prints and colors that look best with your specific physical characteristics. For example, skinny jeans should be avoided if you're tall and thin, and if your figure is quite bulky, you'll want to stick with single breasted pieces to streamline the torso.


What is my favorite type of shirt or pants?

A favorite style of shirt or pants is a great starting place in creating your personal casual style. However, it is important to focus your attention on those that will highlight your strong points.

How do I spend most of my time?

Environment should play a big part in your choices. Do you spend most of your time indoors or outdoors, for example? Determine the overall climate where you live. If you're in the south, you'll want to build a lightweight, airy wardrobe; in the north, you should probably stick with clothes you can easy layer up for the cold weather; and if you enjoy multiple seasons, make sure the variety in your wardrobe reflects that.

What image do I want to convey to others?

Dressing casually doesn't mean you cannot look smart, creative or like a boss. Put a little bit of thought into how you want to appear to others, and your casual attire will get you noticed for the individual style that is uniquely you.

Start with a basic polo shirt and take it from there

A good starting point when building up a new wardrobe is a designer polo shirt. You will find that Maceoo polo shirts, for instance, are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and feature coordinating trim that shows off your own clean-cut, unmistakable style. They can be worn alone with jeans or khaki pants, accented by a Bertigo genuine leather belt, or complemented by sweaters or blazers. Best of all, these wardrobe-essential men’s fashion polo shirts are high quality and affordably priced.

The three Cs

By paying less attention to fashion trends and more attention to your individual fashion needs, in the long run, you will surely save yourself both time and money. The vast diversity in men’s fashion today combined with a little planning has helped many men look and feel better about themselves with casual, comfortable confidence and their own style!


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