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Fashion Tips and Ideas for Men

Updated on October 14, 2010

Why Fashion Is Important

Never judge a book by its cover”. I am sure everyone has heard this saying and a vast majority of people do the total opposite. Some of you may argue that you would never do this but take this example of a moment. You see a man on the street with dirt and rips in his clothes, no shoes and smells like he’s been sleeping in the sewers. I bet your first thought s would be that he is nothing but a homeless bum with no education or money. You may feel sorry and pity him then you might give him some money. But what if this was an Ivy League graduate who has millions but just had a really, really, really bad day and trying to get home? Those kind of thoughts would never pass through your head by looking at the way he is dressed. Dressing well has positive effects on how you perceive yourself. It may seem ridiculous but knowing you took the time to make yourself look good will make you feel good about yourself. People will also appreciate and admire you for the time you’ve taken to look the way you do.

Top Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not wearing a belt. If you pants or jeans have belt loops then wear a belt.
2. Not matching belt with shoes. If your shoes are black then your belt should be black to match your shoes. Be wary of brown as it is trickier to match since there are many various shades. I would recommend buying your brown shoes and belt the same time to avoid mismatches.
3. Wearing white socks all the time. White socks should only be worn when you are doing an outdoors type of activity such as hiking or going to the gym to get ripped! Do not wear these with dress pants, when going out for a nice dinner or to a nightclub.
4. Wearing running shoes to go everywhere. Like white socks, running shoes should only be worn for outdoors activities and they should be worn together.
5. Tucking in your t-shirt. Generally t-shirts are not meant to be tucked in. Please avoid this!


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