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Mens Fashion Stuck In Time.

Updated on January 23, 2016
Men In Traditional Suits.
Men In Traditional Suits. | Source
Bowie:  Pioneer In Men's Fashion.
Bowie: Pioneer In Men's Fashion. | Source

Mens Clothes.

Why is it here we are in the 21st Cenury 2016 and yet men's clothes are the same old casual clothes we were wearing in the 50s, 60s, 70, 80s, and now. Also why is it men are still wearing suits that have not changed in centuries?

Where are the brave innovators in men's fashion who are designing clothes for us males for the 21st Century? If you look at men's fashions before the suit was invented men wore capes, men wore tunics, even skirts and fashion seemed to change quite frequently in those days. It seems as soon as we hit the 18th/19/20th Centuries onwards men's fashions got stuck.

Sure in the 20th Century suits had wide collars and small collars to flared and drain pipe trousers and with shirts we had skinny ties or large Windsor Knot style ties but at the end of the day the basic foundation of the suit remained.

Casual clothes are boring for men as I said walk around any store and the clothes they have on display are boring and the same old designs. Yet go to the women's department and women's clothes seem more colourful and more diverse but there are probably women who think their clothing ranges from which they can choose from are boring too.

The thing of a man wearing a skirt is un - manly in the culture that we live in today and the Gay movement has not helped this. But men have changed over the past number of years where you get men doing the housework and being house husbands where their ladies go out to work and men spend more time with their kids and thats to be welcomed. However you still have the old fashoned men who expect to be the bread winner and put food on the table and expect a dinner when they get home and expect their wife to look after the kids and do the housework. Thats fine if thats what they want to think but that would never do for me not in this day and age where women have become equal partners with men in so many facets and men have had to change to suit this new environment they find themselves in the ways I have just described so it follows with mens fashion surely should have changed too.

David Bowie and others were great innovators in men's fashions especially if you look at some of his outlandish costumes yet still he was a man that got married and had kids, unconventional to some I grant you but still a man.

Finally I hope someone somewhere has the guts to say enough is enough and cause a revolution in mens fahsion as there has been a revolution in men's roles in society


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 23 months ago from Blackpool

      Totally agree

    • profile image

      Joey Hub Central 23 months ago

      Great article Mr. Bishop!!!

      I am all for women's rights!!!

      But I digressed a little there.

      Women in business, politics, the office, newscasting, the professions etc... get to wear some variant of sandles, tank-tops, halternecks, tights (well, leggings of course):

      Also, female leaders of business, the professions and politics get to wear earrings, necklaces and nail-polish, but for even a CLEAN-SHAVEN, WELL-GROOMED male to do likewise will bring down screaming labels of "cross-dresser" or "freak" or worse still, "f*gg*t".

      But as for the gents: nothing and I mean NOTHING but the same boring stupid old suits and ties, suits and ties, suits and ties, and so on.

      For us dudes, expect to see nothing but one looong sartorial rookery of cloth-phallused penguins!

      Okay now, I understand that for men, there is the matter of anatomical differences down south, and of course, bodily hair-growth.

      But even if a daring gentleman were to accommodate his anatomical limitations for the sake of decency (meggings/tights), by wearing a long shirt to obscure the groin region, he will still draw a lot of funny looks.

      Shaving, laser-hair-removal or waxing of bodily peach-fuzz to wear a low-cut V-neck or (DARINGLY) rock a halter-neck: Oh Dear!! That man must be a transvestite, a lycra-fetishist (re: leggings/tights).

      Or if neither of the above, well then he(soon-to-be a SHE) must be nearing the front of the line for his(her) sex-change operation, to be finally transfigurated from a man into a woman. Nothing meant against trans-gendered (MTF) people meant by that last comment.

      And what is sad is that the STRAIGHt(jacket)ing and (tie)ing up of males also cuts all across the political spectrum, liberal, conservative, socialist, globalist, isolationist, right-wing, left-wing, centre, etcetera.....

      Said limitation on menswear is also WORLD-WIDE: Canada and the United States, the rest of the Americas, Europe, Australia, Russia, the Orient, Great Britain and her former dominions as well......

      But, I am attempting to do my part to weaken the Beau's (Brummell) legacy just by talking about this to as many different folks as I can.