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Mens Fashion Tips – How to Dress for a Job Interview

Updated on August 20, 2012

As important as it is for you to dress appropriately for your friend’s wedding or for somebody’s funeral, dressing for a job interview is even more important. Depending on the position and company you are applying for, you will need to decide whether to wear a complete ensemble including the suit and tie or just the dress shirt with corduroy trousers. Some offices may have a dress code and you could do well by enquiring about if beforehand.

How to Dress For a Job Interview:

Where job interviews are concerned, the old philosophy of first impression is the best impression could work favorably for you, if you are dressed properly. The safest bet is to dress smarter than you think you would probably need to.

Until and unless you are attending an interview at a couture house or as a merchandiser, jeans, t-shirts and funky jewelry are an absolute no.

Apart from a striking resume that fits the bill perfectly, you can ponder on the following tips whiledressing for a Job Interview

You can simply spell the word “professional” with a plain white shirt. Stylish, elegant and respectable, a spotlessly clean white shirt can speak volumes about your personality. Do keep it well pressed and wrinkle free. A full sleeves shirt is preferred to the dress shirt style.

A dark trouser (not necessarily black) can be matched up perfectly.

Finish with well polished black shoes worn over plain black socks.

A black belt (to match your shoes) should complete the picture. It does not matter if your belt has fancy or big buckle, though don’t overdo it.

You can omit the suit or the coat for the first interview.

Last but not the least, wear a pink tie. Do not be shocked! And do not opt for a shocking pink too. Real men do wear pink, but most importantly you will need a focal point in your dressing so that the interviewer does not take you as one amongst the crowd. A bright colored tie should leave you in the minds of the interviewer for a longer time.

A light dab of aftershave and a short spray of your favorite perfume should keep you looking fresh for long periods.

Some Don’ts While Dressing For A Job Interview

Absolutely no heavy jewelry. Apart from maybe your wedding ring, cufflinks and an elegant chain that wont be seen too much, jewelry of any kind will mar your professional look. Yes it would be advisable if you are attending an interview with a jewelry designer or shop. 

Your hairstyle should be neat and in place. You may use hair styling gels but make it minimal unless you want to go with a “model” look. Keep your nails short and clean. As you would need to shake hands with the interviewer, dirty hands and nails can make you look unkempt. Avoid carrying too much of coins and remember to turn off your cell phone before entering the interview room.


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