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Mens Fashion Tips - How to Choose the Right Cologne

Updated on August 14, 2012

You are all dressed to go to the party or on your date, dressed appropriately for the occasion. The last thing you would want to put on is your signature perfume or cologne. Colognes can set you apart from the crowd and also attract the fairer sex towards you. Colognes are regularly used by men even while gong to their workplace and is considered a fashion statement. Hence it is very important to consider a few points while choosing the right fragrance.

How To Choose The Right Cologne

Cologne is a very personal issue. It is like your signature and way of conveying your taste to the world. The easiest way to choose the right cologne would be to take a lady with you, who you consider stylish and of good taste. You would be wearing the cologne not just to smell good but also to get the fairer sex closer. However do not accept a fragrance that you dislike or are not comfortable with. With the mind boggling range of fragrances available, there surely would be one that both you and your adviser like.

The best way to judge your liking of a fragrance is to spray different colognes on cards or paper individually. Spraying it on your wrists mixes up the fragrance after the 3rd or 4th spray and not give the idea of the exact scent you like. Smell each one individually holding the card a few inches away from your nose. Choose the one you are attracted to first.

Men’s fragrances come in three types – the spicy fragrance signifying masculinity, the clean and sophisticated slightly strong fragrances and the energetic citrus. You can even use variants by pairing colognes for the special occasions. Take care not to mix scents that are averse to each other.

Choosing The Right Fragrance

Today almost every product that you get from the market has a fragrance mixed in it like bathing soaps, aftershaves and deodorants. Although mild, they do leave a trail behind. The end result is a mix up of varied scents producing an uncomfortable outcome. Hence it is recommended to use products that have similar smelling fragrances. Your signature cologne can be slightly stronger to make it stand apart. Spraying a small amount of cologne would suffice as excessive smell, even if only of the scent, could repel people.

Change your cologne as per the season. The thumb rule is using lighter scents in winters and slightly stronger ones in summer when you have more sweating. Colognes are applied directly on the skin and hence check for the areas to be applied and test you skin with a mild spray before investing in it.

The prices of colognes are quite high and so buy the right one after proper evaluation. The cologne should not only suit your senses but your lifestyle and dressing patterns too. A spicy fragrance may not blend well with neutral shaded outfits and the clean and sophisticated colognes will not suit a T-shirt and jeans guy.


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    • tomerr profile image

      tomerr 8 years ago from Far Far Away...

      Good comment PerfumeFan, thanks! I was referring more to finding a good scent and sticking with it in this hub, but youre right and spring and summer colognes should be more light and fresh. Thanks & nice hubs, keep it up : )

    • PerfumeFan profile image

      PerfumeFan 8 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi! Shouldn't it be heavy scents during the winter and light scents on summer/spring?

    • tomerr profile image

      tomerr 8 years ago from Far Far Away...

      Thanks for sharing Jim! I also like to keep things simple, but as you say: a little cologne just might do it. good luck in finding the right one, its never too late : )

    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 8 years ago from ma

      I don't think there is a right cologne for me. I don't like the smell. But, to be honest all of the guys around me like a few friends and brother in-laws would bathe in the stuff. So maybe just a little would be ok. But, I think it is too late for me to change my mind. Maybe someday I will smell the right scent and say, "Hey I want to smell like that guy!" I also don't like makeup on women so maybe I am the wrong audience.