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Mens Fashion Trends 2009

Updated on August 20, 2012

Spring is probably the best season to flaunt men’s fashion sense. Men’s fashion trends for 2009 have quite a few surprises, especially where office wear is concerned. With new dimensions and angles added to the traditional dresses, 2009 fashion is trendy and colorful with an eye for detailing.

Men’s 2009 Fashion Trends – Office Wear

Ties in light green color – 2009 fashion has seen the replacement of the traditional glossy, striped, dark colored stripes of yesteryears with a fresh color – light green shades. Tea green and lime green ties are the must haves to go with white, off-white and cream shirts. For lemon yellow, light blue and pink shirts, go for sage green or mint green ties. The fashionably adventurous ones can go for green polka dot ties that will suit all the above shirts. However a light green tie on a dark colored shirt is deemed to be faux fashion, unless it is a black satin shirt.

Shirts – fabric quality and fitting seems to be the main concern for men’s fashion trends of 2009. A British cut dress shirt is a must have this season. The sleeve length should be up to your wrist bone and the cuffs should wrap or at least cover the whole wrist. The collar should be a proper fit taking into consideration the diameter and length of your neck.

Blazers – the blazer style has not changed much in 2009 fashion trends. The all time favorite cotton blazer still rules at number one. For official night parties, refine wool and cashmere blazers are a good option. For the cuts part, heavy and chubby personalities should choose from the traditional cut while slimmer guys can wear blazers with “European Cut”. As for colors and designs, striped patterns are strictly forbidden in men’s fashion trend for 2009, light colors are in.

Suit – part polyester and part wool suits seem to be in fashion this spring season. Being less expensive, highly resonating and lesser wrinkling, blended suits in a wide variety of color can be chosen. Also the cut matters. The skinny boy look is out. Instead breathable suits with classical look like English cut are in. Look for suits with broad shoulders, slimmer waist and slim trousers. This style combines the classic look with modern masculinity.

Men’s 2009 Fashion Trends – Hair Styles

The fringe style that gained popularity in 2008 is still being followed. A textured light layered fringe with the hair on the top of the head brought forward is one of the hottest styles. Other variations include front fringe, side fringe and cropped image.

The classics too are back in hair styles. The slick back style like the one sported by Hollywood actor George Clooney has returned.

Men’s 2009 Fashion Trends – Colognes

The most popular colognes for formal events are Kenzo by Tokyo, and Antidote by Victor and Rolf. For the nights you can use Capri Orange by Acqua Di Parma and Fuel For Life by Diesel. For office wear, 212 by Caroline Herrera and Attitude by Armani are good choices.


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      Appreciate it Research Analyst , thanks!

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      Great job, congratulations to your hub success!


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