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Mens Glasses For Any Occasion

Updated on August 20, 2010

Mens glasses pretty much make the man, no matter what the occasion a man and his glasses have to look the part . If you tend to choose the wrong pair it can change the whole outlook of his appearance, and definitely make him look uncool so with anything you buy, try and make sure you are pleased with your end purchase. Remember certain pairs of glasses suit certain people and what looks good on others may not necessary look good on you, that goes for color as well. Here are a few things to consider before choosing to go out and buy a pair of glasses, there not things you have to consider but may help you towards making the right decision before you go spending your money on something you may regret..

Mens Sun Glasses

For some men out there sun glasses have to be in fashion and style, apart from having UV protection they must look sleek and fit comfortably around your head, and also have that certain smooth look about them, but most of all they need to attract the right lady, and give her the impression that you are indeed a very cool and smooth operator. There are many brands out on the market to choose from so just take your time when scouting around looking for a good pair don't go buying the first pair of glasses you think will suite you, and then a week later you regret you ever bought them.

Mens Prescription Glasses

Mens eyeglasses, or mens reading glasses are obviously for those men who need to look cool, as well as having to compensate for poor eye sight, if you are in need of mens prescription glasses then in this case you may need to consult a optometrist to find out the correct lenses that will be needed to have the best 20/20 vision. From there you can then shop around for the right pair as well as the right style, your optometrist may recommend a good place to purchase a pair of designer mens glasses with style. There is currently on the market a new brand of sun glasses that will change to a different shade of color depending on the brightness of the sun , pretty cool I reckon, and I'm guessing the price is pretty cool as well :( but if you can afford it then go for it

Choosing The Right Pair

If you can't decide on what glasses look good on you then try on different pairs there are always  mirrors at most places where you purchase glasses from, don't be content with just one pair, take your time and try on as many as need be. It is a good idea to take a family member along to get a second opinion, they will give you a honest answer and tell you weather or not the glasses you choose are the right one's for you.

There are so many pairs of mens glasses, frames with different designs that are on the market these days it can be hard to find a pair that will actually make you look good, and suit your personal needs, so your main concern when choosing the right pair of glasses is to make sure that they are the right fit and are comfortable when wearing them. Weather you may need special lens glasses to help improve your vision , or you just want a pair that will impress then make your mind up before you hit the town. And to help you with you decision in choosing those pair of glasses for you, get the opinion of another person such as a family member or friend take them along with you they will surely give you an honest answer.


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    • gd2knw profile image

      gd2knw 7 years ago

      well it is funny how things like that happen, i suggest you don't go buying him a expensive car then.

    • Shaunelle Tansy profile image

      Shaunelle Tansy 8 years ago from a galaxy far far away

      My husbands funny with sunglasses. I bought him a really decent pair (cost me a packet) for his birthday, and 2 weeks later they were broken. Yet, he buys a $5 pair from the cheap shop, and he's had them for 3 years now.