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The Benefits of Argan Oil for Facial Hair

Updated on November 29, 2016

Argan Tree

Unripened Argan Fruit
Unripened Argan Fruit | Source

What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil is derived from the pressing of ground, roasted Argan pits to collect the rich oils therein. Argan Oil is a rich source of fatty acids and antioxidants, and has a longer shelf life than olive oil. Most Argan Oil comes from Morocco, where the Argan tree grows best, and is a native plant. The Argan tree is important to the area because it helps prevent desertification, provides food for both humans and livestock, and provides a source of economic growth since Argan Oil has been discovered as a great cosmetic product.

Argan Oil Production in Morocco


Argan Oil's Benefits

As a traditional food and medicinal oil, Argan Oil has historically been used to treat acne, flaky or itchy skin, an ideal hair conditioner, as well as a source of nutritious fats. Argan Oil can also repair skin damaged by the sun, and prevent damage caused by UV radiation.

Acne and Other Skin Conditions: Argan Oil can alter the production of sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous glands of the skin as an anti-bacterial and protective agent. However, sebum can build up in pores causing blackheads that create an ideal anaerobic environment for bacteria trapped beneath it. Argan Oil prevents the overproduction of sebum that can lead to acne, and also has some mild anti-bacterial properties due to the acidity of its fatty acids. Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema, and other skin conditions can be soothed and reduced through a regimen of treatment that includes Argan Oil applications.

Itchy, Flaky Skin: Argan Oil contains plant-based Sterolins which can improve the metabolism of skin cells, and promote moisture retention in the outer layers of your skin. Since cell membranes are made of fatty acids, the addition of high-quality lipids found in Argan Oil can provide locally-accessible sources so your cells can repair themselves more rapidly while softening the skin which may have hardened or developed scaling due to dryness.

Anti-Aging: Anti-oxidants and Tocopherols found in Argan Oils prevent oxidative damage from free-radicals and ultraviolet radiation, keeping your skin cells younger and healthier, improving elasticity and strength of your facial skin.

Hair Conditioner: Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is essential for robust hair health. Consistent application can reverse damage done by harsh chemicals often used in hair products or salon treatments. Argan Oil can tame frizz, repair split ends, reduce dandruff, strengthen hair strands, and keep your hair properly hydrated by protecting it from the elements. Whether using it as a leave-in treatment, overnight mask, or work-in styling agent, Argan Oil will give your hair a wonderful sheen and feel that is unparalleled. Since it's also 100% Organic and keeps well, you can rest easy knowing it's great for your body as well.

Argan Oil and Facial Hair

So, now that we know the great benefits of Argan Oil, what are the applications for facial hair?

Pure Argan Oil: Pure Oils are a great investment, and they add no scent or other stuff to your beard or mustache. Simplicity here is king. To apply, it is best to warm your oils either by rubbing your hands together vigorously, or putting your dropper of oil in a bath of hot water for a few minutes. Warmed oil is the best way to give your facial hair an efficient treatment, since pure Argan Oil can be a bit pricey, unless you grow a tree yourself and press the oils by hand! Here are a few options.

MoroccanOil Pure Argan Oil

SheaMoisture Pure Argan Oil

Beard Oils: Beard Oils have exploded onto the market in recent years due to an upsurge in men's beard growth worldwide. Most oils worth their salt will have Argan Oil listed in the ingredients, but that may not mean there is a significant enough amount to really get the benefits. Prices range from $5 for a 1oz. bottle to $30 or more. Be careful of brands that don't include Argan Oil and charge a higher price, because you probably won't be getting good value for your dollar. Remember, you can always buy your own ingredients and make a great beard oil yourself. But if you don't want to go through the hassle, or prefer a unique blend or scent, here are a few high quality and popular options that include Argan Oil in their list of ingredients.

Earl Hangslow Grooming Co. "Cuba"

Beardbrand "Four Vices"

Yuli "Mr. Incredible"

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