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Mens Hair Styles 2009 Fashion Trends

Updated on May 30, 2013

Just like fashion clothing, men’s hair styles too have not really undergone any sea change over the years. In fact you will find that most of the styles make a come back after a few years. The most prominent 2009 fashion trends, as far as men’s hair style is concerned, are the fringe cut, the slick back, the classic part – side part and long part, and short fronts

Men’s Hair Style 2009 Fashion Trends

The Fringe Cut

The fringe cut has gained popularity again this season and is being cut in various lengths. This is a short hair style. While the hair is kept short at the back and the side, the length of the fringe itself is something you can play with. The long fringed textured hair style of 2009 marks the reincarnation of Caesar cut. The basic cut involves bringing hair from your temples and crown towards your forehead and the rugged texture is created with the help of pomade or matte wax. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, consider yourself lucky as this men’s hair style in 2009 will make your hair look absolutely fashionable.

The Slick Back

Sported by the famous Hollywood actor George Clooney, the slick back hairstyle is back in fashion. For the slick back styling, you can opt for longer top cut if you have straight cut and if your hair is wavy, keep the top hair short. First see combing back on which side (with the parting on the left side or the right side of your face) suits your face best and stick to it.

The comeback of fringe cut and slick back proves men’s hair styles of 2009 are classic yet contemporary.

Side Part

This is again another classic and ageless hair styles that suits old and young men alike. This versatile men’s hair style can make you look like a classy businessman as well as a debonair. It is making quite a strong statement this fashion season as it suits most men’s face and head shapes. The hair can be cut short or kept long as per your liking, just make sure to apply high gloss pomade for shine and the desired look

Long Part

This style mostly suits the young who want to display their artistic inclinations. Here the parted side hangs over the opposite side and reaches the ears. The overall length of the hair reaches up to the collar. The finish should be less shiny. Hence use defining creams to maintain the movement of the hair in the desired direction (against the part)

Short Fronts

This style is basically used to camouflage receding hairline. Here the front hair is given a short masculine cut and suits formal as well as casual wear.

Hair Colors In Men’s Hair Styles

Although there does not seem to be any specific color highlight this season, “obvious blonde” seems to be pursuing since last season. The “obvious blonde” color goes well only on well polished sharp cut hair. It is a definitely no for the disheveled look.


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    • Info Bucket profile image

      Info Bucket 7 years ago from Kerala, India

      Here in India, Fringe Cut is commonly known as Spike. I like the hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo, its like a small mountain above the forehead. Nice hub, please write a hub on trends of 2010. Thanx.

    • tomerr profile image

      tomerr 8 years ago from Far Far Away...

      Appreciate it, thanks and expect a 2010 summer forecast soon : ). Thanks for reading, cheers.

    • richard_john profile image

      richard_john 8 years ago from UK

      A good write up, thanks for the summary of 2009 trends!