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Men's Hosiery

Updated on May 19, 2010

This is Eugene. He wears hosiery. You can too. Read his tale here.

Hosiery has been around since we humans managed to work out how to create fabric tubes, and that was quite a long time ago, my paleolithic spirit guide Og tells me. Men should therefore, never be ashamed of the desire to slip into a pair of tights, pantyhose or other legging type garments, they're not women's clothing, they're people's clothing and the desire to wear such garments may very well be encoded into our DNA.

After all, only the smartest and most resourceful humans were initially able to create the fabric tubes, or convince someone else to make the fabric tubes on their behalf. It therefore makes sense that mankind should have a deep seated respect for those among us who wear bifurcated tube-like leggings. Never be ashamed of the desire to wear hosiery. It is a deep seated desire without which mankind may never have developed more advanced technologies, like denim jeans and democracy.

So then, what hosiery can men wear? The short answer is of course, any of it! There are certain manufacturers such as Comfilon that make hosiery specifically for men, so if the idea of wearing 'women's' clothing is all a bit much for you, it is very possible to purchase hosiery specifically for men. It's pretty much the same as other hosiery however and once you have it on there's not a huge difference to be seen, but if it makes you feel better then why not just go for it.

Alternatively, you can run amok in the hosiery section of your local department store. This will be typified by pictures of women wearing the stockings but as I discussed in my previous article, If Lingerie Is For Men Then Why Are All The Pictures Of Women, just because there's a lady on the box doesn't mean you can't wear it too.

If you're hoping to get away with wearing hosiery without anyone noticing at all, then sheer stockings and pantyhose are your best bet. Pantyhose is perhaps the easiest first type of hosiery for a man because it can be worn much like trousers and doesn't stick halfway up your thigh or require a garter belt like stockings do. On the other hand, if you're wearing your hosiery under business attire, then a dark opaque stocking or pantyhose may be your best bet. Why? Because opaque stockings are fairly indistinguishable from socks at a distance. There's also quite a range of patterned stockings and pantyhose out there that will add to the illusion of sockness if you so desire.

The world of hosiery is a large one, and if you are just beginning to explore it then you have a most excellent journey ahead of you. Enjoy it!


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