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Mens Invicta Diamond Watches

Updated on February 10, 2011

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One of the emerging fashion trends in men's watches are the men's diamond watches.  And who better than Invicta, who brings luxury style at affordable prices, to buy a diamond mens watch from.  These Invicta watches for men provide the bling of a diamond watch in a tasteful way.  In this Invicta watch review, we'll take a look at the different diamond mens Invicta watches and where you can find them.

The Invicta men's diamond watches come in two varieties: diamond accented and pave diamond crusted.  The far more common variety is the diamond accented watch that features a handful of diamonds accenting the watch in certain locations (normally the hour markers).  These are far more reasonable as they don't contain nearly the carat weight as some of the pave diamond watches.  Meanwhile, the pave diamond watches encrust the entire face with tiny diamonds providing a much more stunning and eye catching look.  These watches are much rarer and are harder to come by.

Invicta Men's 0050

Topping the list is the Invicta Men's 0050 watch.  This watch is from the II collection and features an 18k gold-plated watch and bracelet and diamonds accenting the outer bezel.  This watch features the black sandstone watch face that has quickly become very popular with Invicta mens watch lovers.  The watch itself is a healthy 46mm which is in the medium to large range.  It has a Swiss quartz movement and a 100 meter water resistance.  This is a great dress watch for those who like the gold look with a little bit of diamond bling.

Invicta Men's 6746

The next diamond mens watch, is the 6746.  This watch is part of the Lupah collection which features Invicta's more modern styles.  This tonneau style watch has a rose gold watch case and a stunning blue face.  Using over 50 diamonds, each of the hour markers are adorned with a grouping of diamonds and the 6 and 12 numbers are diamond accented as well.  The watch itself is 47mm wide making it a nice largish watch.  This watch has a chronograph feature that works as a stopwatch and is water resistant up to 100 meters.  The black leather strap compliments the gold toned watch beautifully and this bargain priced watch would look great with a suit or any business casual workplace.

Invicta Men's 4847

The Invicta men's 4847 is one of the diamond Pro Diver watches.  The Invicta Pro Diver is Invicta's best selling line that offers many of the luxuries of the expensive watches at affordable prices.  This model takes all of the usual appeal of the Pro Diver and accents the hour markers as well as the bezel with white diamonds.  Obviously not meant for diving, the Pro Diver can be used up to 200 meters.  The watch has a 41mm diameter making it a normal sized men's watch and the Japanese automatic movement means that the watch winds with just the motion of your arm.  In fact, you can see the mechanism in the window on the back of the watch.  This is a great diamond dive watch at a great price.

Invicta Men's 5038

The Invicta Men's 5038 is one of the hard to find pave watches.  This watch has a 43mm black ion-plated stainless steel case and the watch face is covered completely with white diamonds.  The watch also has a date window at the three o'clock position and the black outlined hands make telling time simple.  This watch uses a Swiss quartz movement and is water resistant up to 100 meters.  This unique watch captures the essence of a Men's Diamond watch and is a great investment for those who like the diamond watch style.


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