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Men’s Jewellery - Trends and Tips on Getting the Right Piece

Updated on April 13, 2014

Decades ago the relationship between men and jewellery were only to the extent to what they bought for their wife, fiancés and girlfriends, but that is the things of past, now jewellery for men are becoming an integral part, be it a fashion show or a jewellery design course you will find them showcased simultaneously with women’s jewellery.

Men’s jewellery are more in the stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, silver, or white gold range, although yellow gold is also available in the market but less preferred by men, only the more adventurous one’s go for it.

Here are some hot favorites in the arena of men’s jewellery:


Rings: It’s no longer an indication of your marital status the one worn on the ring finger, but a ring these days is being sported on any finger even the thumb you only have to know how to carry it off.

Simple steel rings, platinum, or the current favorite tungsten bands look elegant and sophisticated but for a subtle dramatic look one can place a gem on it.

Bracelets and Links:

Bracelets and links: This piece of jewellery is also fast becoming a craze; again the most commonly used metals are stainless steel, silver and gold.

Leather, beaded and woven wristbands are also very popular and suits the daily look and informal occasions.


Necklaces: The mantra to look elegant and classy in a neckpiece is to sport a metallic one that is neither too thin to create a feminine look nor to too bulky to represent a cowboy or fraudster appearance. For a more trendy look you can go for a beaded or wooden one, but make sure that it matches your outfit, otherwise it can look tacky.


Watches: Last but not the least a watch is also considered as a piece of jewellery. a good one is a symbol of prestige and reflects your taste. A stainless steel or leather band watch goes with all outfits and suits all occasions.

All the conventional thinkers who raised eyebrows at the mention of men’s jewellery - its time to change your perspective.

If you are a woman then dazzle that someone special in your life: your father, son, brother, husband, fiancé or your boyfriend with an artistic piece of jewellery which they will cherish for life.

If you are a man and don’t yet have a single jewelry to boast about then don’t wait for Christmas and just venture out and get yourself a piece or two.



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      Donte 3 years ago

      That insgthi's just what I've been looking for. Thanks!