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Mens Jewelry - How to Accessorize on a Budget

Updated on August 20, 2012

As the importance of accessories dawns on men, designers are coming up with many options to accessorize all kind of ensemble. Accessories add the finishing touch to any look and you can make the same outfit look different with different accessories. Men’s jewelry does not need to be costly to give the classy appearance. Accessorizing on a budget is possible with a little planning.

The most common accessories a man can add to his wardrobe are earring, chain, bracelet, and finger ring and these can be made out of leather, stainless steel or tungsten.

Leather Jewelry

Leather jewelry imparts a cool casual look to your outfit and is fast gaining popularity. Leather has always been used by men for accessorizing but mostly in the form of wallets and belts. Now designers have come up with wristbands and bracelets in leather which are selling like hot cakes. Intricate details on the leather accessory ensure that they do not go unnoticed. Embellished with anything ranging from embroidery to stainless steel and even gemstones, they come at very affordable prices. You could easily get leather wristbands and leather bracelets for as low as eight and a half dollars.

 A Few Tips on Accessorizing On a Budget

Remember as far as men’s jewelry is concerned, less is more. Wearing too much jewelry can actually tarnish your image. Also stick to a single material all over for example wearing a crystal and a garnet could look artificial. Opt for ring, bracelet, cufflink and chain made of a single metal like steel or tungsten or leather to get the uniformity in your overall look and appeal. Choose bold colors, particularly if you are wearing leather jewelry to make a statement.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel men’s jewelry industry is probably the fastest growing industry in the world. With designers introducing newer designs and patterns everyday, stainless steel jewelry is becoming the mark of the urban man. A combination of chromium and iron ore results in the rust free stainless steel and jewelry made out of this has a shiny finish, durable and scratch resistant, requires low maintenance and does not cause any allergic reactions. Men’s stainless steel jewelry is available as rings, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, necklaces and chains. Rings range between $10 to around $100, bracelets would range between $15 to $150 while cufflinks could cost you about $20 - $50.

Tungsten Jewelry

Tungsten has been used to reach the stars and this is what probably lends to the sense of adventure and masculinity that designers seek when designing men’s jewelry. Its popularity as the “forever wedding ring” is increasing day by day. One of the strongest amongst precious metals (when combined with carbon to form tungsten carbide), jewelry made of tungsten is practically invincible. Durable, scratch resistant, light weight, no maintenance are just some of its properties and the prominent one being tungsten retains its shine for ever. At a starting price of $50, the range of tungsten jewelry is unlimited.


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