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Mens Jewelry - How to Choose Jewelry for Him

Updated on August 20, 2012

Choosing jewelry for women is hard; choosing jewelry for men is harder. When choosing a gift for him, you would want it to be timeless, precious and memorable. What better then than long lasting jewelry. Luckily the fashion trends in men’s jewelry hardly changes and so one piece of worthwhile jewelry can remind him of you for years.

Tips on Buying Gifts for Him:

Simple styles – Huge sparkly jewelry on men is quite unbecoming and they just hate it. Casual and classic simple jewelry is the best bet. Bands and chains in simple styles are all they require.

Go for the authentic – men prefer authentic jewelry to imitation ones. Teens and young adults (within 22 – 23 yrs) may like imitation jewelry but if you can get real ones for nearly the same price, you may as well purchase the authentic jewelry.

Size matters – while the sizes of chains and bracelets can be loose, if you are planning on buying sized jewelry like wedding bands or rings, ear rings and watches, you may want to get their measurement first. Most men will almost never have their jewelry sized and your gift may just like in the wardrobe waiting to see sunlight.

Price matters – the only constraint here would be your own budget. Men normally are not bothered about the price of the gift bought for them. They are content with whatever you get for them. While for young ones (teens and young adults) you can choose from the affordable options of tungsten and carbon fiber jewelry, for mature adults you can choose anything from sterling silver, carbon fiber, titanium, tungsten jewelry to the more costly ones like gold, platinum and diamond jewelry. You can even buy combinations of these like diamond studded tungsten jewelry or a platinum pendant on white gold which will be affordable due to the presence of tungsten and white gold and yet classy and elegant due to the presence of diamond and platinum.

Preferences – while original and authentic jewelry is appreciated by most men, you may want to ask his friends about his preferences or you can keep an eye out for what he likes when you go out shopping. That way you can buy a design that he likes.

Warranty and return policy – for men’s jewelry it is advisable to check out the warranty and return policy. In case the jewelry does not fit or is not liked by your man, you can have it returned or exchanged appropriately.

Sapphire Men's Jewelry

The jewelry section for men is quite limited, but one stone grabs the attention of men quickly. The sapphire rings that fascinate most men are deep blue in color. There are other colors of sapphire available but men mostly prefer the deep dark blue color as they link it to masculinity. This gem looks great on casings of white gold, and light yellow gold (depending on your man’s skin tone). Avoid dark yellow casings as they make the ring with the blue sapphire took tacky. Sapphire Men’s Jewelry is quite costly and the prices vary at different stores. You may want to research well before buying.


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    • profile image

      Rob 6 years ago

      I think the tungsten is nice but am wondering which is more durable between that and titanium. Thoughts? The price of tungsten is certainly right and I'm looking to replace a lost wedding band without spending a lot.