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Men's Leather Biker Jackets

Updated on May 7, 2017
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I am Liam, a soldier, sports enthusiast, motorcycle biker and a huge fan of leather. I love to travel, write about my travels and my life.

Harley Davidson Men's Leather Jackets are a Must-Have

Men's Harley Davidson leather jackets are one of the most popular leather jackets out there. They are almost a necessity for all the bikers out there, since leather is a great material used for protection while riding your hogs or motorcycles, and also a great clothing material to have on if you want to impress a guy or a girl.

Harley Davidson leather jackets for men became extremely popular after WWII, with lots of blockbuster movies focusing on rebels, such as Marlon Brando and James Dean, who were both cast in such roles, where they rode motorcycles and sported not only biker leather jackets but also leather pants.

Harley Davidson leather jackets for men are of course not only to be worn by bikers, but are also a popular item among all rockers and all other guys. Many people think that guys who love wearing leather must be punkers, gay or some kind of weirdos. If course, this couldn't be further from the truth. Some people just look cool and sexy in leather, while others not so much. It depends on the style of a person if a biker harley davidson leather jacket suits a guy or not.

Are Harley Davidson Leather Jackets only for Bikers?

Of course not. It is true that Harley Davidson men's leather jackets look best and sexiest on motorcycle riders riding their harleys, but this does not mean that only bikers should wear such leather jackets. Just imagine a hot and sexy biker riding his hog on a wide road, sporting leather chaps and a biker leather jacket, it is truly one of the sexiest jackets to have.

But harley davidson biker leather jackets are also extremely popular among rocker, punkers, heavy metal fans and others. In my opinion such biker men's leather jackets with lots of zippers and additional metal features and of course premium leather, are worn mainly by cool guys or guys who like to appear cool. In many cases such guys sport some tight jeans or even leather pants and almost obligatory dark sunglasses. Leather just gives a guy a certain edge and an additional level of appeal, what attracts girls and guys.

I think that all of us should wear what we like and feel most comfortable wearing without taking into account really what others might think of our choice of clothing. If you feel great wearing leather biker jackets, even to work, then you should wear them. And do not feel embarrassed to show your love towards leathers to your friends and family, they may think it is a bit weird, but I promise you this will wear off in a couple of days. Just wear leather if you like it!

Men in Biker Leather Jackets

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Eddie Razaz performing in a black biker leather jacket

Ted's Men's Biker Leather Jacket

Hi, my name is Ted, I am 27 from Iowa, US. I have discovered my love for leather, especially leather jackets, at the young age of 13 or 14. I got my first biker leather jacket at that time from my older brother, who is still a biker. He got himself a brand new harley davidson leather jacket and just passed his old leather jacket onto me. I don't need to really tell you how over the moon I was. Since then I've got myself 3 new leather jackets and yes, I still haven't had enough. I am now saving up for my, I think this will be my favourite leather jacket, new leather jacket made by Schott, which you can check out here. It's quite pricy, but the quality and the stitching of all Schott leather jackets for men are perfect. You can check out the jacket I am saving up to buy here .

Are Harley Davidson Men's leather Jackets stylish?

Well, they could be. It all depends on the pieces of clothing you choose to combine your biker leather jacket with. Biker leather jackets can be as elegant and stylish as you want them to be. You can ever wear them to work, while combining them with a tie and suit-pants. When you'll first go to work dressed like that you may get an odd look or two, but in a day or two all your co-workers will surely be envious of you for pulling such a look off.

Do not be afraid to experiment with clothes. Dress up like you normally do when you go to work or to a more formal event and instead of the usual jacket or blazer, just put on your biker leather jacket and see how it looks combined with a shirt and a tie. I promise you, if the colours you have on will not be clashing, the jacket will look amazingly stylish.

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Xelement B7100 'Classic' Men's Black TOP GRADE Leather Motorcycle Biker Jacket - Black / Large
Xelement B7100 'Classic' Men's Black TOP GRADE Leather Motorcycle Biker Jacket - Black / Large

I love the softness of this leather jacket which is made of premium quality napa leather, providing great comfort and due to its light weight it is a perfect choice not only when riding my bike but also heading to work or on a night on the town. This was actually one of my first leather jackets and I still wear it a lot!


Presentation of Harley Davidson Men's Leather Jacket

The Great Thing about Men's Biker Leather Jackets...

I feel that one of the biggest attributes of men's biker leather jackets is that they are not to be worn only when riding a motorcycle but also for other occassions, either that be heading to work, school or going to the cinema or a concert. You will always feel perfect in your leather jacket, sexy, attractive and you will surely enjoy the looks you'll receive from men and women around you.

What I probably admire the most when it comes to leather is the durability of the fabric. If you are not exactly ruining your leather jackets or pants on purpose, you can almost be sure that you'll have your jackets and pants for twenty or even more years. Of course, if the leather is real and of high quality. It does not get ruined by damp air or rain, you simply wipe it dry and let it dry on its own.

Another great feature of men's biker leather jackets is that they go with almost everything, either with leather pants, jeans, even with regular or business pants. Just don't be afraid to experiment a bit with your clothes and show to the world how unique you can actually be.

Do you have a Men's Biker Leather Jacket? Do you wear it only on your motorcycle or also on other occasions?

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