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Mens Leather Wallet: Stylish, Convenient & Elegant

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Mens Leather Wallet Is The Perfect Accessory & Organizer

Every man needs a mens leather wallet, and when it comes time to replace your mens leather wallet, you may be overwhelmed with the options available. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a mens leather wallet.

A mens leather wallet comes in many different colors, sizes, and styles. With so many varieties to choose from you're sure to find something you will like.

Mens Leather Wallet: Prices Range From $20 to $20,000 +

Prices range from around twenty dollars to absolutely stratospheric heights for the designer type of mens leather wallet, so there's an option for every budget. If you're going to go for the low end of the range keep in mind that leather of an inexpensive quality will lose its suppleness with age and can crack and fade.

The style of a mens leather wallet can be extremely innovative
The style of a mens leather wallet can be extremely innovative

Classic colors for your mens leather wallet include black, brown and tan, but a whole rainbow of options are available. The style of a mens leather wallet may range from a tri-fold or bi-fold to credit card wallet, checkbook wallet and ID wallet.

Mens Leather Wallet: A Style For Any Man

Men can choose from a fine checkbook cover, a basic and tasteful money clip, or themoney clip wallet as their favorite form of men wallet. For all your plastic, there's the credit card wallet and a wallet bag, or leather tote bag will allow you to carry lots of things that won't fit into basic mens leather wallets.

A mens leather wallet is durable and elegant
A mens leather wallet is durable and elegant

An extremely popular choice is the mens leather trifold wallet. The advantages of the mens leather tri fold wallet is that you can carry a lot more plastic, ID, and currency, although it does have a tendency to get a bit thick when folded up. If you want a thinner accessory when folded, then you should consider the mens leather bifold wallet.

The mens leather bi fold wallet is especially in demand among style conscious men since it neatly folds into the back pocket of the tightest jeans. However, if you are not interested in stuffing your wallet inconspicously and you need to carry checks, then the mens leather checkbook wallet is for you.

However, many men opt for the mens leather money clip wallet which serves as a wallet and a clip all in one! If you're on the go for business or vacation, a mens leather travel wallet is the perfect fit for you, and if you truly want to invest in fine personal accessories, a mens leather wallet designer edition will truly announce that you've arrived. For all men, leather wallets are a statement of taste and style.

An expensive mens leather wallet can be made from fine crocodile hide
An expensive mens leather wallet can be made from fine crocodile hide

For greater security, a mens leather zipper wallet keeps your valuables inside a zippered compartment, while the mens leather credit card wallet is specifically designed to hold your ever burgeoning collection of plastic. Leather wallets for men are extremely elegant and stylish, and are available in many different types and colors. Whether you want to purchase a mens leather wallet or a womens leather wallet you want to look for quality in the stitching and leatherwork, as they are indicators of craftsmanship.

Choose Quality Leather For Your Mens Leather Wallet

Leather is soft and supple, ages well, and stands up to wear and tear. The type of leather used most frequently in a mens leather wallet is cowhide, but a variety of animal hides are used to create different looks and textures. Top grain leather is a widely used leather as it is a heavier weight making it more durable. It is easier to maintain in that moisture can be wiped away without leaving a stain.

A Fine Mens Leather Wallet That holds Oodles!

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