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Men's Leather and Silver Bracelets

Updated on June 28, 2015

Leather and Silver Bracelets for Men

Men's leather and silver bracelets have been popular for a long time in some parts of the world but the trend has spread to other parts fast. If you think gold, silver or any other plain metal isn't the best look for a guy, a mix of leather in it is a manly choice. It is now no longer the domain of fierce bikers!

Leather and sterling silver jewelry gives the aura of adventure, so you're likely to see these bracelets on the wrists of many globetrotters who especially like to be out in the wild.


For those men who prefer a less flashy and more modern look, a leather bracelet with sterling silver detailing is perfect. Since leather is strong, durable and stylish, any outdoorsy guy will appreciate it. While you can find leather and stainless steel bracelets that are much cheaper, they're not great as gifts and are not hand crafted or of much value.

You'll find that many of these bracelets are made in places like Indonesia, where the craft is an age old tradition. The materials are locally sourced and the techniques used in making them have been passed down through generations.

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Zina Sterling Silver Men's Stratus Bracelet With Leather Strap Silver

This bracelet features a tightly woven round leather strap with sterling silver detailing and a lobster-claw clasp. It is 8.5 inches long and 8.5 mm thick, with a total metal weight of 17 gms. The silver parts feature oxidized etchings to give it a slightly antique finish - perfect for a rugged, yet stylish look.

'Courage' Sterling Silver and Leather Cuff Bracelet for Men

Doesn't this look like it must have been made by a skilled craftsman? That's because it is. Novica joins National Geographic to source their leather and silver wristbands from artisans all over the world, and this piece comes straight from Indonesia. You can be guaranteed that you're buying a fair trade product from Novica.

This wide band of woven black leather is meant to symbolize courage and the clasp is simple and sleek in pure .925 sterling silver. It is 8.5 inches long and 0.6 inches wide and looks most like a cuff style of bracelet.

Men's 'Hand in Hand' Leather Braided Bracelet

This is another Novica piece and it celebrates the strong cultural heritage of Indonesia with the sterling silver hooking clasp symbolizing in an abstract way two lovers hand and hand. This would be a great gift for your significant other on Christmas or Valentine's Day.

It is 8.5 inches in length and 0.6 inches wide with the black leather tightly woven to lay flat.

Designer Ellis "Infinity Bold" Men's Wrap Around Woven Bracelet

If you're looking for a more substantial leather piece, this multi-strand black leather bracelet features a thinly braided band that is wound multiple times to create a multiple bangle effect. The lobster claw clasp is made of sterling silver.

The design is meant to symbolize "Infinity Bold" and allows you to adjust the fit to whatever feels most comfortable. All you have to do is wrap it around your wrist as many or as few times as you want to get a tight or loose fit. The leather also has a bit of stretch in it to add to the versatility of the fit.

Designer Ellis Infinity Clasp Extra Thick Braided Leather Bracelet

This men's black leather cuff bracelet doesn't get any simpler. If you guy is into very discreet jewelry and has a small wrist, this is an ideal choice. it features a single thin band of black woven leather 8mm thick, with an infinity lobster claw clasp in sterling silver.

Timeless Treasures - Handcrafted Balinese Sterling Silver on Brown Men's Leather

This brown leather woven bracelet is a great choice for a more exotic look. The cord is 4mm thick and you can get this piece in any of 4 different lengths ranging from 7 inches to 10 inches.

In addition to the lobster claw clasp, the sterling silver extends to a good bit of the bracelet with hand crafted etchings of oxidized silver set into it.

Why Leather Jewelry is a Good Choice for Men

  • Jewelry needs to be interesting and leather jewelry lends itself well to having interesting and unique designs on the pieces. Leather can be treated in many ways, i.e. etched, tanned, painted, woven, studded or embellished with some kind of metal.
  • It is hard to wear a leather bracelet that is too feminine because the look is just naturally rugged.
  • The choice of leather and sterling silver also gives you a more expensive look, so it doesn't have to be confined to just the wrists of explorers and adventurers.

History of Leather Bracelets for Men

The significance of leather as arm decorations started in ancient Grecian times. Soldiers wore arm bands in leather decorated with gold, silver or gemstones and women later adopted the fashion in smaller versions. The practice then spread far and wide from there.

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