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Manly Moisturizer | The Soft Skin Advantage

Updated on August 10, 2010
If you moisturized, you could look this intense too.
If you moisturized, you could look this intense too.

We all know, of course, that men's skin is supposed to be armor plated like a triceratops, reflect bullets and gleam with a perennial five o'clock shadow because their manliness is too great to be repressed by mere blades of steel. However it may surprise you to learn that men's skin can sensitive. (It probably won't surprise you at all to learn that, if you're a man with sensitive skin, you already shy away from shaving like a kitten at a violin factory, and if you've ever seen a man suffering from shaving rash, then you know the horrors that can be unleashed upon male mortal skin.)

This article isn't about how to get rid of shaving rash. Nobody knows that, except the Ancient Incans and one guy at Laboritoire Garnier, and he's not talking. (Actually, there are some steps you can take to minimize shaving rash, but that's still not what this article is about and so I'm not going to write about it here, except to say that it helps to use a good straight razor and a good gel.)

What this article is about is moisturizer for men. Traditionally only women used moisturizer, because only women wanted to have soft skin, but why shouldn't men have soft skin too? Indeed, if you are the type of man who works with his hands or likes to poke at the car's engine every now and then, chances are the abrasives you use to get your hands clean could strip craters off the surface of the moon.

A light body moisturizer can work wonders for a man who is looking for relief from dry skin, the kind that flakes and peels and makes you feel as if its too small for your body. In addition to a body moisturizer, a face moisturizer can help soothe irritation caused by the elements. Sun, for instance, can dry your skin, making you appear to age faster, which can be of concern to people who have not yet unlocked the 'Fountain of Youth' achievement. Wind and rain don't do a fellow's face any favors either.

I won't insult you by telling you how to use moisturizer. That can easily be worked out by reading the back of the bottle or observing a herd of moisturizer in the wild. What I will do, is give you a guide to quantity. Not so little that it doesn't cover your skin, but not so much that you transform into a greasy hulk monster.

Et voila. Use moisturizer and your skin will be softer, women will swoon when they touch your face and you will be the fortunate golden child of the age.


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    • profile image

      AlanaRaso 7 years ago

      A model's trick--

      splash cool water on your face prior to applying the moisturizer. Why? The objective is to lock moisture onto your skin. Extra water = extra moisture.

      Also, it makes the moisturizer spread easier and you don't need to use as much (which is why they don't print this on the bottle instructions).

      Also2, cleanse you face morning and night, then moisturize.

    • profile image

      Steve 7 years ago

      I use a body moisturized daily, in the shower - Fruit of the Earth Cocoa Butter lotion. And I use a facial moisturizer every day, too, with a 20 spf sunscreen in it. Lately, I use an Olay nighttime wrinkle minimizer. I may be 55, but i look 45 or less...