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Nail Polish For Men

Updated on August 17, 2010

Men don't often wear nail polish, but they would if only they knew what a difference nail polish could make in their lives. I'm not talking about colored nail polish of course, wearing colored nail polish is wild and flamboyant, and being wild and flamboyant is frowned upon when it comes to male fashion, which is typically curt and restrained, like a stern headmaster demanding why your homework was set ablaze in the bushes before fourth period.

Nail polish isn't just about conceit and flagrant disrespect for the most recent social morays. It's about appearing well groomed, and as everybody knows, grooming is very important. Even if you're home on the range, dragging cattle in every night over your shoulder and juggling wild coyotes with your bare hands, you don't want to appear uncouth at dinner time. You want to appear entirely in control of yourself and your environment.

It's not only the appearance of nail polish that makes a difference to a man. Applying nail polish not only strengthens and coats nails with a protective seal (much like the invisible protective force field a super hero might have) it also gives a man time to reflect, to meditate on his personal issues and to take pride in his appearance.

Sure, taking the little brush and gliding it gently across your nails might not seem like the most manly activity you've ever undertaken, but it can't all be scraping sharp blades over the skin and slapping alcohol on afterward now, can it? Being a man isn't just about being rough and tough, it's about weathering the storm as well as possible. A woman notices a man with well groomed hands, because hands are incredibly important when it comes to the sense of touch. Think about it from her point of view. Does she want to look down and see filthy, grimy nubs? Or does she want to be impressed by the gentle sheen of a well manicured gentleman?

If clear nail polish becomes boring and staid, a gentleman can also opt for darker shades that enhance his image. Blacks, deep purples and blues are all often worn by males in the entertainment industry and though it certainly takes a certain je ne sais quoi to pull off colored polish in the real world, it is certainly acceptable for a fellow to experiment with color.

Nail polish is an oft underrated male cosmetic. Men seeking additional edge to their grooming should make it part of their daily repertoire. (I also need not say how attractive it is for a man to be able to assist his lady friend with her own polish without clumsily painting her from stem to stern.)


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