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Mens Pajamas: Cozy Comfort In Male Sleepwear

Updated on March 20, 2011

Mens Pajamas: Correct Measurement Is The Key To Comfort

 Most men find it embarrassing to shop for mens pajamas or to ask for them as a gift. So if you have a man in your life with a birthday or holiday coming soon, get him a nice pair of mens pajamas. Every man can appreciate the gift of mens pajamas!

The first thing you'll need to do is find out what size he wears. Mens pajamas usually come in sizes marked large, extra large, medium and small. Small pajamas are usually under a 30 inch waist, medium is around 30 inches to 34 inches, large is approximately 34 inches to 38 inches and extra large is anywhere above 38 inches. There are also extra, extra large pajamas for men that have waists over 42 inches. The shirt of the pajama's ensemble should be the same size as a long sleeve shirt he would wear.

Ladies, ladies... keep your eyes on the mens pajamas, not who's wearing them!
Ladies, ladies... keep your eyes on the mens pajamas, not who's wearing them!

The Choice Of Material Is Critical In Mens Pajamas

 Now you need to decide what type of material to go with. This depends mostly on the time of year it is. A set of cozy flannel pajamas would be nice and warm during the winter months. If it's the warm summertime, a pair of soft silk pajamas are perfect for staying cool at night. Other options for mens pajamas include the ever popular cotton or fleece kind.

Once your man has opened his gift, be sure he tries them on. If they don't fit, you'll need to exchange them for another size.

Mens pajamas can be elegant and sensual at the same time!
Mens pajamas can be elegant and sensual at the same time!

Mens Pajamas Are The Sleepwear Choice Of Many Men

It seems that there is a significant men who like to go to bed in mens boxer shorts, while many others prefer pajamas. Of course there are always the men who like to wear nothing at all when they sleep as well. Pajamas for men are easily found in a wide variety of bricks and mortar retail stores and online web etailers, and you can choose from the tactile sexiness of silk pajamas to the warmth and convenience of footie pajamas. You can also buy your pajamas in matching sets to women's pajamas. These womens pajamas will look sensational on your lady, but most women look fantastic in womens sleepwear anyway!

When you're shopping for men's pajamas you will find that mens satin pajamas and mens silk pajamas are the more expensive types, but the feel of the precious material against your skin as you sleep is well worth the extra cost. On the more common and less expensive end of the scale, you'll find mens cotton pajamas and mens flannel pajamas, which are practical and convenient above all. The best thing about mens pajamas (and womens pajamas as well) is that they can be worn to bed and then out to the kitchen to have breakfast with the kids. However, I don't recommend that you wear your men pajamas out on the street or to the supermarket. Although there are some people who can pull off wearing a mens pajama out and about, they are usually rich, eccentric, famous stars, or truly demented: Sometimes both! After all, I don't think I'd wear my mens pyjamas outside my house for any reason!

Mens pajamas are the perfect gift for any man at any age!
Mens pajamas are the perfect gift for any man at any age!

Follow The Instructions To Ensure Your Mens Pajamas Last & Last

 It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when washing your mens pajamas. Consider drying them on a line outside or on a drying rack indoors. This ensures a longer life for maximum use.

How About Some Mens Pajamas With Fur?

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      My man still sleeps in the buff