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Men's Skirts or Skorts?

Updated on March 2, 2010
Skort by Prada.
Skort by Prada.
And something more traditionally manly.
And something more traditionally manly.

Men's fashion is fast becoming a delicious minefeild these days, especially with the slow trickle of skirted fashions into the mix. As something of a comprimise for men who are used to bifurcated garments, many designers and retailers are now putting out men's skorts. What's a skort? It's a cross between shorts and a skirt. Outwardly, the man looks to be wearing a skirt, however, under the skirt, there are a pair of shorts to allow him to keep his modesty.

There's something entirely Victorian about a skort, and it is almost amusing to see the way that the fashion industry is having to tip toe into mainstream skirts for men by first introducing these skort devices. One imagines, that wearing a skort is almost something of a lose lose situation, depending on what your reason is for wanting to wear a skirt. If you wanted to wear a skirt because you wanted to feel free and loose in your garments, then a skort entirely defies the purpose, giving you all the apparent 'femininity' of a skirt, but denying you the sensation of wearing a skirt.

As a woman who wears a lot of pants, I can attest to the fact that the feeling of wearing a skirt is vastly different. There is a vulnerability that comes with wearing skirts, there's quite literally nothing between you and the world, well aside from some panties, and let's face it, panties never defended anyone for very long. It's this feeling that many men are looking for when they wear skirts, and a skort just won't cut it in that arena.

On the other hand, if you like the feeling of pants, but just want to look like you're wearing a skirt, then a skort might be right up your alley. A skort allows you to get the skirted or kilted look without worrying that everything will be exposed if you sit, legs akimbo, or happen to be doing high kicks in the high street.

Skorts would seem to be, at first glance, better suited to younger men and women, ie children, who have yet to work out the necessary co-ordination to keep their skirts in the right places when they are running about and eating mud and whatnot. (As a side note to parents, for the love of god, don't dress little kids in skirts they can't handle yet. There's nothing more grating than hearing you screech at them because they're not maintaining their modesty. Dress your kid in clothing it can handle. It's a human, not a doll.)

But assuming that we are all adults able to control our legs and unlikely to throw ourselves about on playground equipment, I think we can handle skirts, so men who wear skirts, I throw this one back to you. Skirts or skorts?


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    • profile image

      rdmn 8 years ago

      I too wish men in skirts was much more acceptable. So if skorts help with acceptability then that's great.

    • jenisis profile image

      jenisis 8 years ago

      I have worn both skirts and skorts in public. I prefer skirts, but I have found that with the skorts,I am much less nervous about wearing them, and they are much shorter than my regular mens shorts, which makes them much more cooler and comfortable. The skorts that I have worn in public,are a denim cargo style mini,one pleated denim mini,black,and a camo mini skort.All my skorts are skooter type,which means they are fully skirted, with shorts underneath. I have heard a few negative remarks, but a lot more positive compliments.I have also had my legs waxed,and the look is much better than with hairy legs. Try a skort,it is great alternative for the beginner, you don't have to worry about accidental exposure,and a lot of fun! btw:I have found that girls juniors size skirts,skorts,or shorts fit men the best. May peace be with all, jenisis21@yahoo

    • profile image

      Alan L 8 years ago

      If anyone is looking for "running kilts", try googling this term. I saw one site that sells these for men. On the other hand, on the website for Running Skirts, that makes running skirts and excersize skirts for ladies, they mention they get one order a week from men. Eddie Bauer, Patagonia, Mountain Hardware and a few other manufacturers make skorts that look like skirts. Mountain Hardware makes a mountain kilt that looks like a skirt (nylon) that several people have mentioned they have worn or seen others wearing them on hiking trails.

    • profile image

      Wendygrrl 8 years ago

      Shorts and tennis skirts... work for me...

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      I have one skort that I have worn to and from the beach a few times. Since the skirt on it is very short, having the fitted stretch shorts underneath is useful to prevent unwanted displays. :)

      On the other hand, I also have eight or ten skirts that I am beginning to wear out more and more. It's a slow confidence building process, but I'm getting there.

    • profile image

      Suzy31 8 years ago

      I have a skort that doesn't look like a skort. It looks like a tan cargo skirt. You're right, Hope, it doen't give one that vulnerability thrill, but I love it anyway, and actually venture out of, though not far from, the house in it.

    • profile image

      Wynter Storm 8 years ago

      Skirts, definitely. I don't even like the look of skorts on women, much less men.

    • profile image

      chris009 8 years ago

      Rather like Betty, I am happy with any trend that gets us closer to mainstream men's skirts. So if we have to have skorts / culottes / whatever as an intermediate step, well OK then.

      So, while it's true that I will probably never wear one (I have 36 skirts in my closet), I welcome this initiative on the part of the industry.

    • profile image

      Robert  8 years ago

      Skorts are a compromise to wearing skirts. I think wearing shorts or pants under a skirt is defeating the sensuality and freedom you get when wearing a skirt. Skirts are liberating in both a fashion sense and also in a psychological sense. A skirt defines you as an individual, bold and daring, adventurous and free spirited. Skirt wearing is defiantly taking a stand against intolerances, prejudices, and confining conformities. Skirts are a turn on because they awaken the sensual, the senses, which are deemed as feminine. They create an environment that explores different views and possibilities, Cut to the chase and don't "skirt" around the issues with a skort, Get skirted and experience the "feminine" and sensual world.

    • profile image

      rman 8 years ago

      I like to wear female clothing as well. I think skirts look more comfortable than these skorts. I think fashion designers are trying to blend the genders together as one. I think one day we will get to wear any type of clothing that we want, and not to worry about harassment. It won't matter on the gender.

    • profile image

      Deke 8 years ago

      I would say skirts, not skorts.

    • profile image

      Betty 8 years ago

      As a man who loves to wear female clothing, I can not wait until mainstream fashion/society allows us to wear skirts/dresses, etc. in public without worrying about harassment.

    • profile image

      Doug 8 years ago

      I have a few pairs of skorts, mostly running skorts. I do have one non-running pair that is distinctly feminine, pink with white flowers. I have worn skorts and skirts out and about many times, both dressed as a woman with wig and make up and as a guy in a skirt or skort. I don’t think there’s too much difference. I can’t honestly say that I wear skirts primarily for comfort, as a baggy pair of shorts gives as much comfort on a hot day. I just like the look, and I like getting the looks.

      Does anyone know where to buy skirts or skorts designed for men? I would love to support this trend with my wallet.