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8 Best Mens Sport Watches

Updated on April 2, 2013

These Timepieces are Perfect Gifts for Sporty Guys or Men with an Active Lifestyle

There are many men who prefers sporty watches over dress watches. If you are one of them or if you are looking for the perfect gift for a man. You will be interested in this shortlist of eight of the best mens sport watches.

These are 8 models offering great value for your money and with interesting and original designs by watchmakers who are known for their high quality timepieces.

#1. Seiko Best Mens Sports Watch

The Orange Seiko monster is a cult hit and rightly so. It has the quality that Seiko is known for being a watchmaker for over a hundred years. While it's still more then fairly priced, you could call it cheap for a diver watch of this quality.

It's also an automatic,which I love: the dive Watch winds itself with the organic motions of your wrist. No need to change the battery ever, if you wear it enough. The stainless steel case and has an eyecatching orange dial that will surely garner some attention.

The Lumibrite hands, markers, and bezel are very easy to read in both light and dark conditions.

Designed for diving, this watch is tested to 200 meters. It meets ISO standards and is perfect for scuba diving.

#2. Best Russian Mens Sport Watch

Invicta has been taking the watchworld by storm. They do it by providing exceptional value for your reasonable prices. This Invicta's Python chrongrap, made out of gunmetal stainless steel, is a great example of why they are having success.

Very cool sporty watch to make sure you are on time all day long, whether it's at work, at the gym or for your date with the cute girl from PR.

Water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters), this watch features a solid stainless steel gunmetal-tone band with black ionic plated stainless steel inserts closes with a diver's fold-over with safety clasp.

Great gift for a guy who loves sports watches.

#3. Racer Style Mens Watch

Although Nautica usually reminds me of sailing and boating, being out on the lakes or sea, this chronograph reminds me more of a racer style watch. It has a resin band that looks ok and otherwise it's a beautiful piece with a big easy to read dial that's about 49mm, which is pretty big, really. Very sporty and manly that is built, from stainless steel, to last for many years.

#4. Sporty Red G-Shock for Men

Although personally I'm not a huge fan of the G-shock line, it has to be admitted there are some gorgeous pieces among them. And no one can say Casio doesn't make quality digital watches and keep a straight face. The G-shock line has been made to survive anything that's thrown at it. Or well, most challenges watches face even on the wrist of someone with too much of a daredevil personality.

The eye-catching red immediately attract attention and there is a moon and tide graph on the watch. Making it an excellent choice for surfers or others who have a vested interest into the tides. It's also waterresistance to a high degree. You could go scuba diving with it.

It's a great gift for any guy you know, who loves sports watches.

#5. Best Mens Watch for Runners

This is a Timex Ironman lap. Great if you are practicing for runs. Not necessarily an ironman but it will be helpful with a 5-mile as well. It has a huge screen showing laptimes and can store up to 50 lap times in memory. Time is really easy to read in a split second and even under low light conditions.

I love the coloring and the slightly different design. Really making this watch standout. Perhaps in the future it will be a design classic by Timex.

Awesome for runners but also a nice original design for others.

#6. Puma Lap Counter Sports Watch

The loop by Puma is an unconventional Mens Sport watch that combines a highly original styling with function. It has a lap counter, count-down timer, alarm, dual time zone functions. The digital has a cool down played look to it that is very stylish in my opinion and the red Puma logo is visible and highlighted but not prominent. It's even water resistant. A great watch gift for active and sporty guys.

#7 Cheap Sports Watch for Men

Casio has been making high quality excellent wristwatches ever since 1974. They are unbeatable in the price/value category and this watch is an excellent example. Although you are not going to win a price for most fashionable watch ever spotted on the field, it is a sturdy sports watch that will not let you down.

The simple black/blue design is kinda cool if you ask me and earned it it's place in this top 10 among much higher priced mens sports watches. The hands are luminous, which makes them easier to read, especially in low light conditions.

#8. Fashionable Sporty Watch for Men

Tommy Hilfigers father worked 42 years in the watchmaking business. It's only natural that he would enter it with his global fashion brand. This is actually a very sporty model that looks fantastic and you wouldn't say it's a Tommy Hilfiger at all which I think is great because that makes this watch a lot more original. The logo is embossed on the silicone strap though, so don't worry if you are afraid it isn't branded, because it is.

The black case is made out of stainless steel with a black bezel and a double layered black dial that tells the time using arabic numerals. This watch is a perfect example of Tommy Hilfiger bringing a fresh new look to American watchmaking. At the same time the watch is still very affordable for a sports watch of this qualiity.


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