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Men's Stockings

Updated on December 28, 2008

A man who knew his lace...

It's safe to say without fear of being accused of exaggeration that in recent decades, nothing has been more controversial than stockings for men. Though popular during the time of Louis "The Sun King" Quatorze (all French Kings used to have rapper names), men's stockings fell out of fashion shortly after filthy revolutionaries began lopping the heads off the stylish elite.

Fashion is a fickle mistress, but the more things change, the more they stay the same, and boys will be boys, which means that even though the hosiery chickens may have flown the coop, there are still some needles in the haystack longing to slip silky stockings over their legs.

As I have mentioned in other hubs related to this topic, there are several options for the man who wishes to wear stockings. He can purchase stockings and other forms of hosiery made specifically for men from companies such as ActiveSkin, or he can purchase his hosiery from purveyors of women's fashions.

The stocking enthusiast will have no trouble keeping his drawers full of a wide range of stockings. The stocking market is well supplied with stockings to suit every taste and every occasion. If you fancy yourself a little retro you can invest in vintage nylon stockings. If, on the other hand, only the best will do, why not treat yourself to some Wolford stockings. Those who buy Wolford often swear by the brand, but be ready to shell out a decent amount of cash if you'd like to don the same stockings that adorn the bodies of the rake thin models prancing about the site in what I can only assume is some kind of drug fuelled dance rampage.

Of course, one need not go to extremes to enjoy stockings. Reasonable quality nylon stockings can be picked up for just a few dollars, making stockings one of the cheapest forms of lingerie addiction out there. They also take up very little space, allowing them to be stuffed into tiny crevices and hidden from the world during times when stocking discovery could be problematic. (Like that interview for the V.P position.)

Stockings also offer much greater coverage than other forms of lingerie, making them a sort of one stop shop for a really good lingerie fix. Perfect for the man on the go, whether you're burning carbon credits jetting all over the world, or just truckin from one place to another.

Did you enjoy this article? Would you like to scrape and thieve it? Be my guest! However for the love of god, link back to the original. That's just good nettiquite. Alternatively, why not email me at and see if I won't write a little something just for you. You never know.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes - real men wear stockings!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Silkrule, you don't have to ask permission or seek approval from your wife/partner.

      I'm very sure she doesn't ask you if you are uneasy about her wearing pants, boxers, or any other traditionally male items.

      Be a man and slip into stockings, garters and panties when you want to.

    • silkrule profile image


      9 years ago

      Just wondering what is the difference between men's and women's stockings? Living up in Canada it gets a little cold at times and a couple of weeks ago I could not find my long underwear. My wife offered to loan me a pair of her footless tights which I quickly declined. After about half an hour outside I quickly realized I made a mistake and wished I had taken her up on the offer. The next day I got up early and allowed myself an extra few minutes to get ready and put the footless tights on for the first time. I must admit this was far more comfortable than I originally thought it would be and found them a lot better than long johns. The problem is that I have always liked women in stockings and pantyhose and have purchased a number of pairs for my wife over the years, but she does not find the same appeal as me and rarely wear them. After wearing her the tights a couple of times I became adventurous and wore the stockings once which I don't think she approved of. Not sure what is next.


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