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Men's Suits - Fashion Trends In 2009

Updated on August 19, 2012

Spring is here, and summer is following too, so time now to pack up all the woolens and jackets.

It’s a thing of past that men’s fashion never changed for decades, now the age is of metro and retro sexual men thus resulting in continuous evolution of men’s apparel and suits.

The key fabric this year and for many more years to come is cotton and natural fibre.

Renowned fashion houses like Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton and DKNY added cotton suits to their collections. This could be a trend we will see for years to come.

Suit Trends in the Year 2009:

This year one will notice a striking change in the field of men’s suiting.

The classics are the biggest influence and inspiration visible in the fashion circuit and it has undoubtedly affected the formal wear as well.

The slim look suits are out this season but as the inspiration is classic then one cannot ignore the fact that the best example of a classic suit is the English one, and the best English suit has always had a slim, military cut to them.

The suits this season is a blending of classic looks and tailoring with masculine shape. The dominant pattern includes broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers.

Double Breasted Suits- This season the emphasis is on highlighting the perfect masculine silhouette i.e. the V- shaped well worked body. Slim cut is what one must look for in a double breasted suit in 2009. “Kent” cut is the most famous cut this season which will convey height and if cut correctly, a slimmer waist.

Three-Piece Suits – In 2009 we will witness the return of the three-piece suit. especially the waistcoat is back but it is more subtle and classic.

The three-piece in 2009 is all about unity; this means that the waistcoat has to be conservative and, thus, in the same fabric as the suit's other two pieces. If one do wants to venture outside the realm of three matching pieces, a similar color palette should be utilized and any pattern except for stripes must be avoided; one can pair a pinstripe black suit with a pinstripe charcoal waistcoat.

If we're returning to the classics with double breasted and three-piece suits in 2009, then it stands to reason that we're also returning to classic cloth patterns.

Moreover, the coupling of the classics with the current men's fashion revitalization means this is the perfect time to reintroduce patterns into your wardrobe.


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    • tomerr profile image

      tomerr 7 years ago from Far Far Away...

      thanks! done : )

    • FashionFame profile image

      FashionFame 7 years ago from California

      Loved the hub!! Looking forward for more of your writing. Stay connected. Im joining your fan club and would like to invite you too.

    • profile image

      Ivar Moesman 8 years ago

      Good article with good points. I totally agree with the "The dominant pattern includes broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers". However, body-type always needs to be considered. If you're small and heavy, a fitted suit does NOT look good -regardless of which year or "trend" one happen to be in :). All in all, I think since the 1930's suits are more or less the same - 3piece coming back is i think a great thing! Though, personally I wear a waist coat of practical reasons -if it's cold i'll consider wearing one. Also, this is part of the reason for the slow demise the last i guess 70 years: Before offices often did not have propper heating and hence, 3-piece provided extra warmth. Today, this is hardly the case. I am have my own tailor store in Frankfur, Germany (Calonice Amorino) and make tailor made suits, shirts, blouses, blazers etc. for men and women. In the last photo shoot we did, to show details of the innerside of the Calonice jackets, we had the model wear it inside-out. Check out and go to the "gallery" section and you'll see what i mean. For fun i once wore my jacket like this - quite a lot of heads turned. I shall try this with a bit of more exciting color combo, say deep red lining vs. black fabric vs. white piping :) Thanks for a fun article! Cheers, Ivar Moesman

    • profile image

      A guy 8 years ago

      "It’s a thing of past that men’s fashion never changed for decades" lol

      You're dreaming...

    • tomerr profile image

      tomerr 8 years ago from Far Far Away...

      Sure Gin, thanks! Glad I could help : )

    • Gin Delloway profile image

      Gin Delloway 8 years ago

      thanks for your article!! it's really useful!!

    • tomerr profile image

      tomerr 8 years ago from Far Far Away...

      It is indeed catching up with a nice dress shirt and a pair of jeans.

      Thanks for this helpful tip!

    • deccasandy profile image

      deccasandy 8 years ago from Belmont

      Spring is for light weight fabrics. Fabrics that are cool. Waistcoats are indeed a trend to watch out for 2009 summers. They are now catching up with informal clothing too with jeans. A great hub.