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Mens Summer Fashion - 2009

Updated on May 27, 2013

The 2009 Men’s summer fashion trends have some designs resurrected from yesteryears. Most designers seem to be bringing back the military styling this season while younger generation is inspired by the age old trend of Gothic fashion and has fused it with Ninja styling to create a unique Gothic Ninja statement. You can even see some of the Hollywood costumes being included in certain couture house collections. The world wide credit crunch has forced fashion houses such as Burberry and D&G to turn to minimalist styling for men’s wear collection. Accessories section has not seen many new entrants but the brooches seem to have made comeback. The overall image of Men’s summer fashion 2009 reminds one of the World War II era while the Gothic Ninja reminds us of our ancestors who at one time may have been pirates or captains.

Suits for Men’s Summer Clothing

Men’s fashion does not change too quickly and suits are even slower to change. Men’s suits in summer fashion 2009 seems to be moving away from the monochromatic thin lines and cuts to more adventurously masculine styles. The design features include a slim waist with broad shoulders worn over slim trousers and the common patterns are Houndstooth, Prince of Wales Check Herringbone, Pinstripe and Rope stripe. For once, men’s summer clothing has a wide palette to choose from including dark strict tones and bright elegant hues. The above style was featured in most of Givenchy, Jil Sanders, Gucci’s and McQueen’s line.

Dinner jackets in satin shawl, satin stripe, and satin notched and peaked lapels are up this season for the posh parties’ attendees. .

Vests are also back in 2009 summer fashion. Again the fabrics used widely involved satin, jersey and wool and D&G and Moschino had a elaborate line of these.

Ties are no more limited to the classic suits or office dress. Men’s summer fashion 2009 encourages ties being worn over extravagant garments and casual clothes too making a style statement of its own.

The wide pants that drape well over any imaginable style is a hot pick this season and are worn over classic jackets as well as the contemporary clinging tops. Wide pants equally suit casual shits, trench coats and turtleneck tees.

Coats, as always have been brought out in long trench coat, short trench coat, and double breasted styles.

One new addition this summer season is the shorts or the new trend of cutoffs which are presented in different styles, lengths and colors.

Plunging necklines onT-shirts, cardigans and shirts seemed to give women some complex.

Younger Generation Trend

Unrelated to any of the major couturiers, the Goth Ninja style which has figure hugging black outfits have been the newest craze of the teens and the slightly grownups.

The outfit has an American Apparel Tee shirt worn below Ann Demeulemeester top or a Rick Owens knit garment, covered by a Martin Margiela coat. Figure hugging bottom with Dior Homme 17 cm jean makes up for the bottom. Accessories are from Balenciaga Day Bag or a shopper from Louis Vuitton. Cheap silver add-ons mixed with expensive Number 9 leather boots are the essentials of this styling.


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    • tomerr profile image

      tomerr 8 years ago from Far Far Away...

      To be honest, not so… : ) I love mens fashion, and it's also much connected with my job (for the past 10 years). When it comes to women's though, Im kind of lost. Thanks for reading, cheers : )

    • stepheny profile image

      stepheny 8 years ago from united kingdom


      u mostly write about mens fashion wear. do u hav any idea about female costumes?