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Mens Summer Fashion for 2010

Updated on June 29, 2010

Men's Summer Fashion for 2010

I was looking through the questions on what is in style for fashion for men this Summer so I decided to do some research. I went to a couple of Men's Fashion Boutiques in the DC area as well as stores like Nordstroms and Macy's (I had to go shopping for the beach anyways) and definitely noticed that there are some serious trends for this Summer in Men's Fashions. Lucky Brand, Penguin, Universal Gear, Papi, Ben Sherman and many other all released the same things. Plaid and plain is back and bigger than ever.

I for one am very excited to see Men wearing patterns again. Plaid always reminded me of picnic tables or lumberjacks in the past, but when you actually sew it or style it down, it becomes a seriously fashionable pattern. When you pair a plaid shirt that is properly styled with a solid pair of knee length shorts, you have a complete winning "pattern" or outfit. The same also works in reverse which is the style I have decided to with. Plaid shorts with fashionable and designed underwear with a solid colored or solid colored and graphic Tshirt.

However, before I start to share some of my favorite styles and what seems to be most popular this summer, lets go over the cuts and styles that guys should be looking for.

Men's Pants and Men's Shorts.

Clam Diggers (also known as capris) are not in. Don't even try it guys. Jean shorts are also out this summer but it looks like the 80's may make a solid come back for next year. What is in are flat fronted slim leg jeans and shorts. The flat front just seems to be everywhere and forward facing front pockets with slightly designed back pockets are a trend if you are going with pants.

For shorts, you want them to be cut so they hang just below the waist or "low cut". Underneath you want designer underwear with a color or label above the elastic and that blends in. For colors, this depends on what you are wearing above. Plain kahki is 100% out this year, unless they are the flat fronted lower length shorts on the site I reference later in this post. You should only wear those though if you are going with a plaid top or plaid button down top. Plaid shorts and colors are the huge rage this summer and are what every major store is featuring. This summer is all about patterns and colors for men and here are a couple of great styles I found on this blog which I guess has some sort of partnership with (I am linking to the blog post because that is where I got the images from).

Men's Underwear for Summer 2010.

Men's underwear this summer is all about color and cut. Flag colors like the Brazilian flag underwear or Canadian briefs are huge. Boxer briefs that are a bit longer than normal and briefs that rise high above to show your whole leg are also very popular. Colors and brands are also big this year with solid colored straps and waist bands have also made a comeback and the designer name going across is huge. Underwear this year is meant to be worn a bit above your waistband which is why shorts and jeans cuts are low cut below. You cannot go wrong with overstyled and branded underwear this year and there are a few brand new designers to choose from. Underwear is huge for Men's summer fashions this year so definitely don't forget to incorporate it into your outfit.

Men's Shirts:

I'm not actually going to share any Men's shirts images for this post. If you are going for plaid and designed shorts, choose a shirt that is solid and not busy. Make it a vintage styled graphic T or a two tone polo styled shirt (no stripes or patterns though, two tone as in the collar is a different color or the sides are but there is still a solid main color or two very similar main colors with no patterning). Shirts are about simplicity this year and even the plaid shirts and button down plaid shirts should be a basic one. Bright colors work but make sure to use a solid color that is not bright like blue or kahki (no linen with these) to offset the bright colors.

Men's fashion is back in full force for this Summer and it is very exciting to see patterns and colors back in full force.


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