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Mens Swimwear And Beachwear, Trunks & Shorts, Funky, Sexy and Macho

Updated on December 13, 2011
Cheap Swimming Shorts For Men
Cheap Swimming Shorts For Men

Mens swimwear and beachwear usually consists of fashionable shorts, or skimpy little speedo style trunks which leave very little to the imagination. Mens swimming trunks or swimming costumes have also been designed to be as audacious as possible if anyone is daring enough to wear them.

Mens fashionable swimwear is important for a man to look his best whilst strutting their stuff on the beach in order to attract attention from female admirers. That first visual contact is very important. Without an initial physical attraction, there is no hope of starting a romance, whether just a holiday romance or a more prolonged relationship.

This profound selection of fashionable male swimwear for all men of every age is designed to ensure that the wearer will not be embarrassed of their attire and conforms to the fashion standards of most of the worlds surfer dudes, beach babes, and latest fashion moguls.

Swim Shorts For Men

The most common style of beachwear for men are the swim shorts. Worn by surfers and every other extreme sports enthusiast, mens swimming shorts offer a greater and more diverse style than any other type of mens swim wear with hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from.

These simplistic, yet still highly fashionable swimming shorts allow a touch of class to the beach. Not designed to be daring or adventurous, these more dressy shorts can be worn in or out of the water. Accepted as evening wear in many restaurants and bars in tropical climates, these shorts are good for a man on the move.

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Style Choice

The color and pattern on the swim wear is a dead giveaway about the personality of the wearer. The brightly colored swimming shorts with wild patterns interpret the wearer to be fun loving, bold in their adventures and something of a party animal. Plain yet vibrant colors depict a man with a loving and sensible side yet also a part time party animal with slight bad boy image.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection of swimwear for men available.

A fashion icon once prompted that swim wear actually chooses the person, as they are already in sync together. The attire always describes the type of person that you are. All women along every beach in the world knows this, and will only reciprocate an approach from the desired type of person whom they would like to have an encounter with.

Bad Boy Image Swimwear For men
Bad Boy Image Swimwear For men

Surfers are world renowned for their capable antics on the oceans waves and their off the sea romantic encounters, and you can tell this by the look of their swim wear choice. Although not consistent with every person, this type of mental grouping usually produces an accurate statement about the wearer.

Each man will be attracted to the color and design of the swimwear that suits them best, but looking around, men of the same age and demeanour, will also opt for a similar style and color.

Women are like men in the way where they will look approvingly at the body of a man, especially the face, chest and the bum. Unfortunately, mens beach wear does not include a six pack and a chest of muscles to envy Adonis. Swim shorts are usually worn by most men of all ages and descriptions, and are suitable for heaver frames as well as slightly built people.

Mens Fashionable Swimwear
Mens Fashionable Swimwear

Knee length swimwear for men in the form of swimming shorts are the perfect choice for most men. Designed for freedom and an interior space for any movement not to be noticed. The drawstring allows for days when on vacation when the stomach area can get bigger due to the massive intake of extra food and / or liquid.

Go Extreme, The Mankini

Designed for, well, your call really.

Possibly one of the most bizarre garments that mens swimwear has ever encountered, the Mankini. Only to be worn by men with the bodies of gods and bum cheeks that can crack walnuts. This swimming costume for men is actually worn around the globe, but only on the odd occasion.

This mans swimsuit leaves very little to the imagination and will definitely draw a crowd, but possibly for sheer curiosity rather than physical attraction. A very tight fitting swimming phenomenon which could even scare away sharks. It has never been recorded that a person has been attacked by a shark whilst wearing one of these, then again no-one has ever met a lifelong partner whilst wearing one neither.

Don't Forget The Shades


Shades are an essential part of beachwear for men. They shade our eyes from the sun, and prevent others from seeing where we are looking. Forget the cheap and nasty sunglasses sold along the beach for extortionately inflated prices and tend to break after two or three days.

Sunglasses are another fashion accessory which indicates the type of person that you are.

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