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Mens Titanium Wedding Rings

Updated on September 2, 2011

If you see a man wearing a ring, and he only has ONE, and not a whole handful, chances are he’s married. Although there are exceptions, the vast majority of men will wear only one ring their entire lives. And that ring will likely be the one you choose to give him on your wedding day. So why not give him a ring he will WANT to wear, a ring that will not easily be ruin at work, a ring he won’t have to fuss over because it’s been stained or become tarnished, a man’s ring that makes a statement about who HE is – a titanium ring.

Masculine Aerospace Grade Titanium Alloy

Men tend to like the idea that they’re wearing jewelry that could have been part of a jet engine, a stealth spy plane or a space shuttle if it hadn’t been made into a ring. It’s appropriate to give a band of aerospace grade titanium alloy as you say “I do” to the man who promises to use his strength to care for you the rest of your life. Since your wedding rings are symbolic of your never ending circle of union, titanium wedding rings, being durable and strong, will add an element of longevity to your personal emblems of forever.

Mens Titanium Wedding Ring
Mens Titanium Wedding Ring

Is a Titanium Ring right for Your Man and YOU?

You’re pretty sure a titanium band is what he wants, but you also want your wedding bands to match and you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to find a feminine titanium wedding ring for yourself to match his.

You may be asking yourself:

  1. Won’t choosing titanium wedding rings limit my options to dark or industrial-looking ring styles?

  2. I’d like to give him a titanium wedding band but I’ve always dreamed of having diamonds (or at least a cubic zirconia ring) for myself, what can I do so they match?

  3. Are there diamond or cubic zirconia rings for ladies in titanium that will match the men’s titanium ring I choose?

  4. I want the engagement ring and our two wedding bands to match and the best way is with sets. I have seen many beautiful wedding ring sets in silver, white gold and platinum, but are there titanium wedding ring sets as well?

  5. Our ring budget is limited. All the rings I like in platinum and white gold are very expensive, how much will similar titanium wedding rings cost?

  6. Is there any way I can have titanium for him and a little sparkle for me and still save money?

  7. I want the very best quality wedding rings and the most attractive settings. I will spend the money to have exactly what I want, I just need to know, is titanium a good choice or is there something better?

  8. What about safety. I’ve heard that titanium rings can be dangerous because they can’t be cut off in an emergency. Is that true?

  9. I’ve heard that resizing mens titanium rings is impossible, is that true?

  10. I know very little about men’s jewelry but my husband-to-be is flamboyant and artistic and is very picky about his rings. Will I be able to find a unique mens titanium ring that will be very personal or perhaps custom made just for him?

Answers To Your Titanium Ring Questions

My next hub entitled Choosing Mens Titanium Rings will endeavor to answer the above question to enable you to make the best choice when trying to decide on a wedding ring set.


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