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Men’s Accessories – 2008 Tips & Trends

Updated on May 20, 2011

Several new trends are becoming very hot for 2008,

Men's accessories are usually overlooked, but men are quickly catching on. Here's what is hot right now:

Scarves- With just a few cold months left in the year, there is still time to pick up a great scarf. Look for the comfortable Kashmir or cotton wool scarves in neutral tones. Gray has made a huge comeback as well and works with several colors. If you have one main coat, look for a scarf that will coordinate with it. Otherwise, feel free to get a little bold and daring if you want to show your wild side. Scarves should be about 60 to 70 inches in length. Make sure you avoid ones that are too long or too short.

Leather Accessories- A nice leather neck rope or bracelet is very popular right now. Combining leather with stainless steel is also quite hot and presents a nicely polished finish. For necklaces, go with a thinner style to avoid having it look like a dog collar. For bracelets, look for multi-strand leather bands that incorporate tribal or other interesting designs. Black is the most popular color, but you can mix it up with cream or brown to keep it interesting.

Stainless Steel Jewelry- These are incredibly popular this year. Look for a nice stainless steel cuff bracelet or a pendant that can be worn in several different ways. These are signature pieces that you can wear everyday and are even suitable for most workplaces.

Bold Pendants- Bold silver pendants are definitely hot items right now. Pair them with a nice chain or a leather cord for a polished look. Cross and spear pendants are particularly hot right now, but any bold shape that incorporates an interesting design will work as well.

Cuffs and Armbands- Bold cuff like bracelets and armbands are very big this year. Look for metals or if you are feeling really bold, go with a nice big leather cuff. Armbands are a bit smaller and should be worn on the upper arms. This is a great way to really define your upper arm muscles.

Hats- Trucker hats are dead and gone, but a simple ball cap is still very in, look for ripped edges and embroidered. Camo and washed colors are very hot right now. Try to avoid a hat that is too flashy or strange and stick with neutral colors that will coordinate with just about everything. Make sure you have enough hats to wear to avoid the dreaded "dirty hat" look.

Messenger Bags- This is a continuing trend, but we are seeing more use of leathers and other bold fabrics. Look for the hand crafted and vintage. Popular designs include faded or distressed brown leather or suede.



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