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Where to Buy Mens Earrings - Different Styles of Earrings for Men - Hoops, Captive Ball, Continuous Rings

Updated on March 29, 2015

My husband wears a total of 3 earrings on a daily basis and it is always a very hard task for us to find earrings for him. Most of the local stores do not offer earrings for men. Sometimes you can find some plain designs that work, but many guys would just prefer to wear men’s earrings.

There are two basic designs for men: hoop earrings and stud earrings.

Hoop earrings for men generally tend to be simple hoops that form a continuous looking ring, or captured ball hoops. These are great designs for men because they are easy to just put in and leave them. They are comfortable for sleeping in too and can be worn during activities like visiting the gym or going swimming.

These type of hoops can be purchased in different gauges for those that want a larger piercing or who are working towards stretching the hole. However, a "normal" gauge is around a 22.

Stud earrings for men generally tend to be very simple. Men’s stud earrings are usually a ball or small diamond.

Below are some designs available on that will meet the needs of many men that want to know where to buy men’s earrings online.


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    • jakesilver profile image

      jakesilver 5 years ago

      Hi, nice to see that you're supportive of your husband wearing earrings. Since I have quite a few ear piercings (4 per lobe), it could seem a bit unusual for a man to outnumber his female partner with the number of ear piercings, but I have been fortunate to meet the right person who understands it.