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Metal Ear Gauge Plugs

Updated on October 17, 2010

Metal Ear Gauges

Looking for a great way to stretch your ears but want to have the stainless steel look. Then check out these metal ear gauge plugs with some even having the taper pins included. The metal plugs are usually the plugs that have the hollow inside that allows that unique look of seeing through your ear which is what a lot of people go for. Check out more of a selection of taper and ear gauge kits with more colors and patterns. Also you can go with the Flexible Silicone Ear Gauges that will stretch your ear when you put the plug in, instead of you trying to stretch it by yourself.

Their are many types of Metal Ear Gauges to choose from. Some having really cool designs, also some having diamonds or fake diamonds. The gems aren't glued in they are crimped in so you don't have to worry about the gem falling out. The plug is also flared a little so that you don't have to wear the o-rings for the plug.

Stainless Steel Plugs are in my eyes easier to clean than regular plastic or other types.  The stainless steel have more characteristics and designs with each plug verses the plastic ones that are just plain plugs.  Metal Ear Gauges are actually more popular than plastic plugs because of the look that it gives the person wearing them. Take a look at some of the Plugs I have listed up above.


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