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MIA Shoes: From Modern To Retro

Updated on March 20, 2011

Over Three Decades Of Quality MIA Shoes

Since its establishment in 1976 MIA shoes has been renowned around the world as a leading Swedish resource for classic clogs and an entire comprehensive line of superlative footwear. Throughout the years since, MIA shoes has become a leading fashion of stylish shoes for children and women. MIA pushes the envelope when it comes to design, from cool Brazilian wood to comfortable foot beds: MIA shoes provide an appealing combination of quality, fashion and comfort.

MIA Shoes Are Favorites Among Celebrities

Over the years, MIA has become established for their consistent dedication to quality, making this privately owned company one of the top resources of fashionable footwear. MIA shoes have been featured in magazines including Marie Claire, Seventeen and Elle, as well as many others, and are a favorite among celebrities.

There is nothing like the style and elegance of a fine set of MIA shoes!
There is nothing like the style and elegance of a fine set of MIA shoes!

MIA shoes range in price from an affordable $30 to an extravagant $170, making their modern and attractive designs ideal for any woman's budget. Imported from the Orient, Brazil and Italy, MIA shoes offer a fine combination of comfort and quality of fashionable footwear for the style conscious woman. With styles including boots, sandals, flats and stunning heels, there's an MIA shoe for every outfit!

The Raffia MIA pumps show the unique MIA style at its best.
The Raffia MIA pumps show the unique MIA style at its best.

MIA Shoes Are One Of The World's Premier Brands

MIA shoes can certainly be compared in quality, reputation and popularity to other major brands such as Report shoes , LAMB shoes, Dexter shoes, clogs shoes and even the great athletic brands such as Pony shoes, K1X(Kickz), and Air Force One shoes. Now, nobody is going to mistake Air Force Ones for wholesale flip flops, and no one is going to think that your MIA shoes are just some cheap shoe you got at a downmarket retailer!

MIA brand shoes have established themselves as one of the world's premier brands. MIA shoes, boots, and other forms of footwear have set the standard that many other shoemakers strive to achieve. MIA shoes, sandals and the more casual types of footwear that MIA shoes manufacture and market around the planet are certainly among the finest anywhere. MIA women's shoes and MIA dress shoes particularly have proven to be extremely popular, as are the MIA 2 shoes and the evergreen MIA brown shoes. If you look online you may even find a source of discount MIA shoes that will save you significant amounts of cash!

MIA even manufactures and markets a full range of children's ballet slippers!
MIA even manufactures and markets a full range of children's ballet slippers!

Discount MIA Shoes Are Available Right On MIA's Website!

 You'll find MIA shoes in almost any style from modern and sleek to chunky and retro. With the crazy-low prices on the clearance center of their website, you can pick up three or four pairs for under $100! Why bother googling your way around the entire internet to be able to find an affordable third party source of MIA shoes, when you can go directly on the factory's own online web based retail site and be able to pick up your favorite MIA shoes directly from the motherlode?

An MIA shoes woman is all about inventiveness and practicality in her choice of fashion. Season after season, MIA offers a huge assortment of stylish, up to the moment shoes that are a must-have for any woman. No matter what your style or age, MIA shoes are about cool variety and lots of fun!

How To Select Women's Shoes To Match The Season

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