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Michael Kors Acrylic, Leather, Tortoise, Plastic, Resin Men's, Women's Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Michael Kors Dress Watches

With acrylic, plastic, resin, leather straps and tortoise painted bracelets Michael Kors expand their use of synthetic and nature-derived watch-making materials for fashion and stylistic purposes.

We already discussed acrylic in a dedicated review – there, however, it was made to resemble horn, a substance known for its decorative utility, sundry small objects still being made from it in various parts of the planet. Here the focus shifts to transparent, black and white, and tortoise painted variations, MK proving once again the versatility, visual as well as textural, of this material. Plastic and resin (especially popular with the iconic Casio G-Shock) complete the inventory.

Without a doubt, watches outfitted with a leather strap present a completely different look and character: the softness and suppleness of leather contrasts with the stark contemporary feel of the synthetic. It's interesting that although the former plays only a small part in the selection of watches, it becomes the quintessential material in the shoes and handbags departments.


A range of transparent, black, and white timepieces (the B&W models echo the visual range of ceramics) available in casual, dressy, and sports designs. Most of the pieces feature a classic three-rowed bracelet, many also carrying a chronograph function. Dressier timers (often part of the Glitz collection) also bear crystals on the bezel.

Michael Kors Acrylic Yellow Watch
Michael Kors Acrylic Yellow Watch

Leather Straps

Michael Kors leather strap watches provide an important square and rectangular alternative – the more orthodox and elegant angular designs offset the universal round cases of the rest of the assortment; metallic charms and studs decorate the timepieces, once again reminding of the company's fashion and couture origins.


Tortoise toned watches become the answer to acrylic horn: tortoise is also known as an important crafts material (rarely used today as animals rights movements make their presence known), and by featuring the color, Michael Kors returns to one of his most recognized design qualities – the use of earthy colors (the various shades of brown in tortoise epitomize this palette). Available in dressy, casual, and sports variations.


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