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Michael Kors Boots, Booties Review: Leather, Suede, Faux-Fur, Shearling, Python; Summer, Winter, Mid-Season

Updated on January 10, 2015

Michael Kors Weather Footwear

Michael Kors boots and booties segment offers one of the brand's most versatile selections of footwear: the variety of materials, colors, and, most of all, architecture and design patterns adds up to a broad stylistic range that addresses a multitude of wearing occasions and seasonal weather conditions.

While the tendency to paint the materials with earthy or neutral color renders the shoes naturally predisposed to casual, or casual-corporate wear, some of the black ankle, strapped, and laced models, especially those embossed with python, and/or colored black, present an appearance that spills into the exquisite. By making such gradual, insistent design modifications Michael Kors provides his clientèle with shoes for a dressy, party, or any other fashion conscious setting.

In terms of styling the boots and booties arrive in below-the-knee, mid-calf, and ankle height; with a peep or closed toe; standing on flat soles, high heels, platforms, or wedges. The elevation will usually display a complimentary to the upper color, thus creating a harmonious two-tone palette.


Leather and suede continue to play the dominant role in the manufacture, with some surprising additions of synthetic warming materials – faux-fur and faux shearling made from acrylic and polyester respectively. Crystals and metallic alloys, usually silver-toned, decorate the items – as lace, eyelet, buckle, and other accents.

Michael Kors Boots
Michael Kors Boots


Standing on chunky heels or solid platforms, Michael Kors tall boots are robustly built, and reveal the designer's goal to create effective rain or snow protective autumn and winter footwear that's also stylish.

Some of the military and engineer inspired designs echo classic Jimmy Choo Hunter; various fringes, zippers, folding shearling, buckles and straps marry utility with aesthetics, injecting the essentially functional details with stylistic characteristics. Lesley, Vena, Carlie, Bromley, Penny, Berkshire, Dakota, and other collections.


With some notable (and interesting) exceptions booties feature a semi-open or almost completely open design that overlaps with pumps, heels, sandals, and wedges sections. Various mesh, lace, cage, and strapped shoes in particular fit into the spring and summer category – which aims to leave a considerable area of the foot exposed in order to let the skin breathe and soak in the sun.

Winter booties will usually deploy a warmer suede, accompanied by a faux-fur or faux-shearling lining that enhances the warming qualities. Carlie, Michael, Tatum, St. Marks, Colette, Darcy, Lombard, Parker, and other collections.


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