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Michael Kors Ceramic, Silicone, Horn Men's, Women's Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Michael Kors Ceramic

One of the main reasons for the surprising popularity of watches from Michael Kors – a fashion house whose primary focus are shoes, handbags, and accessories – became the use of high-tech contemporary materials.

Most brands seek to achieve recognition in the fiercely competitive and saturated watch industry by deploying precious metals: gold (white, yellow, rose), platinum, and recently palladium; Oakley made some interesting steps by incorporating the semi-precious copper in their timepieces.

Michael Kors have taken a different approach. Perhaps realizing that few new things can be created in horological design with gold, they opted to experiment with synthetic materials, particularly the ultra-durable ceramics (where strides are being made by Rado and Chanel, the latter company using ceramics in jewelry), and the supple and flexible silicone and horn-like acrylics.


This unique, ultra-hard, light, unbreakable, and temperature resistant (the bracelets remain at stable temperature during cold weather, preventing the uncomfortable “cold grip” sensation that stainless steel leaves) material has already became a modern classic in watchmaking.

Blazing white or coal, glossy black, ceramic watches make an impression that is at once powerful and subtle. Available in casual and dressy – the bezel featuring a set or two of crystals – variations. Combines with stainless steel detail.

Michael Kors White Ceramic Watch
Michael Kors White Ceramic Watch


Michael Kors silicone watches introduce the element of color into the selection: bright pink, blue, orange, and green timers, reminiscent of Baby G-Shock, can function not only as time measuring instruments, but as fun wrist jewelry with a functional streak.

Chronographs pieces with a rotating bezel provide a more sports oriented alternative; stainless steel acts as a stabilizing material in the several casual and dressy variations.

Horn (Acrylic)

Arguably the most interesting offerings, watches with horn textured acrylic bracelets and bezels demonstrate a strong earthy flavor (harking back to Michael Kors classic aesthetic property); the designer often complements the chunky horn bricks with mother-of-pearl dials and gold-tone cases. The square bangle timepiece with unique lugs and case (also available in tortoise) fills the dressy category in this department.


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