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Michael Kors Flats, Sandals Review: Ballets, Slippers, Gladiator, Ankle; Leather, Suede, Fabrics, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Michael Kors Summer Footwear

Michael Kors selection of flats and sandals divides into two different categories: one that focuses solely of low-heeled or flat-soled shoes, and another which features high heels, and various platforms and wedges. Both make comfort, utility, and ease of wear as primary design elements – and it is not accidental that many of the items will appear particularly suitable in indoors and informal settings and occasions.

Ballets stand out in Michael Kors footwear for their affirmative attitude towards bright, vivid colors. Whereas most of the offerings (including pumps, boots, and wedges) display a clear preference for neutral and earthy tones – indeed one of the brand's quintessential stylistic characteristics – the ballets will often parade a bright red, vermilion, yellow, or two-tone palette.

Sandals arrive in a range of styles: from the most basic slippers, some of which opt for such ancient derived structures as gladiator or thong details to keep the footwear attached to the feet, to the most complex and intricate – for instance, high-heel strapped shoes with a zipper and other metallic accents (often an MK logo).


Suede and even more often leather remain primary materials, the latter arriving in patent, metallic, python embossed, perforated, and other finishes. The most dressiest sandals go as far as to deploy metallic chains instead of leather straps as ankles cuffs.

Michael Kors Wedge Sandals
Michael Kors Wedge Sandals


Sandals department offers shoes for spring and summer seasons, most of the assortment clearly trending towards the warmer season, as the regular use of straps, which leave a lot of the skin exposed, indicate. The strappy uppers not only allow the feet to breathe, they also enable them to absorb sunlight, and actually acquire interesting tan patterns.

Cutout and raffia collections cover most of the foot, presenting an architecture that approaches booties in conception. Sasha, Wiley, Nadia, Campbell, Michael, Willow, Zen, and other collections.


The unpretentious ballet design does not sacrifice fashion sensibility for comfort: what is lost without high heels is gained with color, wedge elevation, and toe ornament.

Michael Kors seems to indulge especially in the latter, outfitting the shoes with laces, brand logos, large buckles (though not as large as Jimmy Choo's), or simply a glossy patent leather glossy. Separate models approach moccasins and wedges in design.


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