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Michael Kors Goldtone Watches Review: Golden, Chronograph, Bracelet, Square, Quartz; Men's and Women's

Updated on January 10, 2015

Michael Kors Gold Tone

Michael Kors goldtone watches constitute the brands largest timepiece department: over thirty collections designed in a range of classic casual, dressy, and fashion styles, suitable for men and women, depending on the size and such properties as bracelets, color, and others.

While the essential Michael Kors design's characteristic of strong lines clearly makes itself seen in the goldtone watches, that of the use of earthy and neutral colors is obviously less evident. It is the ceramic, tortoise, horn, resin, and silicone made items that embody that palette trait to the fullest – gold contradicts it, but only to a point – the color of sand, for instance is often golden.

In turn, the strong linear architecture lends the timepieces, especially the sports ones equipped with a thick bezel, a robust and extra-solid appearance (the stainless steel below the color provides the material basis for the aesthetic effect).


Casual items aim to present an eclectic, well-rounded and balanced dials, bracelets, and cases. Consequently Casual chronographs will dispense with large indexed bezels and will opt for smaller, almost decorative subdials for the chrono functions. Arabic letters, round or square cases, and standard three-row bracelets complete the specs package of the casual watches.

Michael Kors Gold-Tone Chronograph Watch
Michael Kors Gold-Tone Chronograph Watch

Dress Watches

Dressy models clearly prefer sophistication and ornamentation to simplicity and minimalism: crystals appear on the bezels, bracelets change shape and form, echoing some of Movado's most elaborate Amorosa or Fossil women's watches , and indexes change from numbers to more delicate inlays. Some variations incorporate the “MK” logo as a decorative element on the dials.


Sports chronographs are usually the largest of all gold-tone watches, the size providing an extra protection from knocks and fall by the sheer weight and strength of the stainless steel beneath the golden color.

A powerful rotating bezel immediately distinguishes this segment from the casual and the dressy, giving it – despite the first impression of sports and leisure vocation – an intense business and purposeful undertone.

Michael Kors sports and chrono watches echo the trend of such specialized brands as Breitling or Omega being popular with people in position of power, be it politics or business. The achievement and success associated with athletes traditionally remains the holy grail of almost any sphere of human activity.


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