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Michael Kors Wedges, Platforms Review: Espadrilles, Sandals, Booties; Leather, Suede, Raffia, Straw, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Michael Kors

Wedges comprise Michael Kors' arguably smallest and most specialized department: aimed for spring and summer season wear, these shoes are among the brand's lightest and comfortable – all the while retaining elevation, albeit opting for the wedge or the platform instead of the high heel.

Wedges and platforms naturally overlap with sandals and booties; more than a few collections fall into the latter categories, only the most expressed, where the wedge plays a primary role in the footwear's architecture, achieving the privilege of a categorization into a dedicate line. Sandals usually feature a classic strapped layout, with a supporting ankle strap; slip-on models provide the necessary indoors comfort, not accidentally deploying a soft suede instead of the standard leather.

Woven detail, on the platform or on the straps (small, braided, and intricate) contributes to an immediately recognized, summer evoking appearance. Booties present either closed (autumn or winter oriented) or cut-out – essentially semi-closed – patterns.


Two Michael Kors design qualities, strong lines and neutral and earthy colors, determine to a large extent the aesthetic of these shoes. The confidence with which both traits reappear, either in modified or original conception, serves to prove the effectiveness and consistency of Michael Kors style and fashion sensibility.

Michael Kors Wedges
Michael Kors Wedges


The relatively small assortment cannot allow for a broad variety of materials: leather and suede, in patent or standard finishes compile the vast majority of the inventory, with python, metallic, glitter, and other dressy enhancements being put aside in favor of a traditional, rustic craftsmanship.


Espadrilles can be described as the company's unofficial summer footwear – much more casual and relaxed than the corporate pumps, or even the hermetic ballets – they inject the brand's selection with an air of freedom, summer breeze, and general sense of fun.

Finally, the espadrilles epitomize the third quintessential MK design quality: the strategic use of various weaves and strap nets. Kors, Michael, Juniper, Wiley, Upland, and other collections.


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