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Micro Electrical Rejuvenation

Updated on September 23, 2014

An Amazing New Approach To Minimize Facial Aging!

Beauty salons and spas all across the country are offering their clients the ultimate in luxury treatments for not only hair-care but skin-care. State-of-the art technology is creating rave reviews with specialized equipment that offers the ultimate in facial treatments that target not only the skin but the underlying muscles. In a nutshell, non-surgical facelifts can be accomplished--with immediate results--by harnessing the rejuvenation power of electricity. With controlled, micro-amperages of electric currents, the following results have been achieved:

1: brows lifted

2: wrinkles softened

3: neck-area firmed

4: jowl formations reduced

5: cheeks enhanced

6: pores minimized

Why Skin Takes On An Aged Appearance:

No matter who we are, age will creep upon us; and it has no mercy and knows no boundaries—no one is exempt from looking older and more tired as the years pass by. Underlying muscles become more stretched and lose their natural ability to support the attached skin tissue. Additionally, one’s skin can longer optimally regenerate new tissue nor create its own natural, moisture. Physiologically, cells begin to deteriorate to the point where fluid build-up, wrinkles and sagging become pronounced.

Facial contours will remain youthful for the vast majority of people into their mid-thirties. It is then that the aging process becomes more unmistakable; and upper cheek muscles begin to break-down which, results in facial deterioration.

Micro-electrical Rejuvenation Turns Back The Clock:

The rejuvenation of one’s facial appearance via the use of micro-currents of electricity is becoming embraced by both men and women across the United States--because it works! The equipment that offers treatment is about the size of two standard toasters sitting side by side; and is lightweight and extremely mobile. After only one treatment, results can be noticeable, though temporary, and on-going treatments will target those areas of the face a client wishes to address. Much of the appeal of this type of treatment is knowing the treatments pose no health risks of any kind.

During treatment, electrical frequencies stimulate facial tissue at the cellular level—different areas of facial muscles are toned, fluid retention is minimized and wrinkles are softened. Increased elasticity of tissue can be achieved with multiple treatments; and the number of treatments to achieve optimal results would depend of the condition of the client’s skin when treatments first begin. With several corrective treatments per week--covering a period of 5 to 6 weeks—facial muscles can become more toned and skin can look noticeably more youthful. Once-a-month follow-ups would be recommended.

Each treatment involves probes that gently touch the skin while micro-amperage levels of electricity are released; and, typically, the client will not feel any electrical sensation, at all. The procedure is soothing and relaxing and lasts anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes. Interestingly, micro-electrical rejuvenation can be used even if one has had face-lift surgeries, assuming all healing is completed. You can find this and other beauty salon equipment online.

Micro-electrical Rejuvenation Builds Self-Esteem:

It’s a proven fact: when we look better, we feel better about ourselves; and our inner-confidence soars. We feel more motivated because we look more youthful—there’s just no getting around it. Micro-electrical rejuvenation not only builds up skin tissue; it builds up self-esteem; and that’s something everyone can feel good about!


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