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Micro braids hair styles including brandy and christina aguilera photos

Updated on January 16, 2015
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Microbraids are a popular Black ethnic hairstyle

A popular Black ethnic hairstyle, micro braids are beautiful and intricate, done by skilled hairbraiders with very nimble hands. If you have the patience to have micro braids applied to your hair, you will not regret it but you definitely do need patience. The styles usually takes about 8-12 hours to be applied.

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Singer Brandy wearing microbraids

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Singer Brandy wearing microbraids

While the micro braids style is most popular among women of African descent, many women of various other ethnicites have liked and adopted the hairstyle. Below is one picture of singer Christina Aguilera wearing braids.

Singer Christina Aguilera wearing microbraids

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I often wear micro braids but I always go to the salon to get them. If you have the ambition and the time, below are two YouTube tutorials regarding how to apply micro braids for yourself! Good luck!

The cost of microbraids

  • If in the USA, depending on your geographic location and neighborhood, microbraids typically cost between $180 and $225 to have applied to your hair.
  • Packages of hair to add in as extensions may or may not be included in that price.
  • Taking into account the number of hours the talented hair braiders put into braiding your hair, the cost is really not that much. Consider their hourly wages.

How long do microbraids last?

  • Once applied to your hair, microbraids typically last approximately 6 weeks.
  • This is what you will probably be told by the hair braider.
  • In the interest of neatness, many people will want their microbraids removed sooner, perhaps at 4 weeks.
  • This is because if your hair grows relatively quickly, you will quickly begin to see the roots of new hair growth and your braids will no longer look as neat as they did before.
  • Additionally, microbraids have been known to aid with hair growth due to the rest you get from daily styling of your hair.
  • You may want to wear a headband to prolong the braided hairstyle so that the roots of your hair don't show but you might decide you only want a short time of having to do that.
  • After 4-6 weeks of wearing the microbraids hairstyle, you might find yourself ready for a change anyway.

How do you have microbraids removed from your hair?

I mentioned the cost of this beautiful microbraids hairstyle being worth it when you consider the amount of time the hair braider spends working with you. Additionally, once the microbraids hairstyle is applied, you have a convenient timesaving hairstyle that lasts 4-6 weeks with minimal time commitment for you to style it further. You can wear the microbraids down and loose, in a microbraids up-do or in a quick ponytail.

  • When you are ready to have the microbraids removed, however, you will incur an additional cost.
  • At many African hair braiding salons in the USA, it typically costs approximately $40 for microbraids removal.
  • Don't worry about having to spend several hours in the salon chair again.
  • It should take just about 1 hour to have the braids removed professionally. The hair braiders will really know what they are doing.
  • If perhaps you decide to keep your $40 in your pocket and remove these microbraids yourself, I can tell you that is will take you a really long time as it has taken me in the past.
  • With that kind of time factor, I usually find that it is also worth it to have the microbraids removed professionally.
  • Nevertheless, if you do have the time, then slow and steady wins the race. You will want to be very gentle with your natural hair as you remove the microbraids and not damage your hair.
  • A professional hair braider's typical method will be to end the braid where the length of your own natural hair end and then let the extension hair hang loose.
  • The hair braider may or may not put a knot at the end of the braid.
  • You will want to take a scissors and cut exactly where the knot is or where the braid ends so that you don't cut length off of your own natural hair.
  • It will be best to use the very pointed tip of a rat tail comb to start at the bottom of each braid and undo it.
  • Take the pointed tip of the rat tail comb and insert it in the middle of the last link of the braid, loosen it up and work your way up, loosening each link.
  • Remember, this is a very simple do-it-yourself method that is very kind and gentle to your natural hair, not applying to much stress to it.
  • Professional African hair braiders have great dexterity for microbraid removal and can typically remove them several braids at a time using several prongs/ teeth of a thick comb. If you go to one for removal of the braids and it is being done where you feel an uncomfortable pulling or stress on your hair, be sure to speak up about it.
  • Similarly, when you are having the microbraids applied to your hair, the hair braider might make the braids really tight to make the work as neat as possible.
  • At the end of the job, the braids might also be styled up in a tight ponytail. If you don't want such a tightness that it can literally give you a headache and be bad for your natural hair and hairline in addition, be sure to speak up about it.
  • I have mentioned such discomfort several times and have received the cooperation of each hair braider.
  • Thankfully, I have never had to experience the receding hairline that can occur because of the tightness of microbraids hairstyle application, but unfortunately many people do.
  • Neither the application of the braids or the removal should be a painful process.
  • If however you are just sitting in an armchair, chillin' (smile) while you are removing your braids with the suggested do-it-yourself method, then you can have a large paper or plastic bag (that you are reusing from the supermarket) on your lap to put the extension hair in it as you remove it. Then you will have the extension hair ready for easy discarding. That is just a quick tip on easy clean up.
  • Remember, you probably will have experienced some healthy hair growth during the duration of wearing the microbraids but now your hair may be a bit drier, brittle, in great need of detangling and in general more vulnerable than usual as you are removing your braids.
  • Your natural hair is thirsty for the shampoo, deep conditioning and moisturizing you must give it after you remove all the braids.
  • With all the braids out of your hair you can really give your natural hair follicles and scalp a lot more tender loving care during washing, conditioning and moisturizing and yes, your hair has been dying to be combed!
  • While you comb your hair, it will shed a bit simply because it hasn't been combed in such a long time. Be gentle with it and don't be alarmed when you see some hair shedding in the comb.


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