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Microwavable Heated Gloves - Heatable Microwave Mittens Heat Up For Hand Warming Relief

Updated on February 24, 2012

Microwavable gloves and heatable bed mittens are ideal for both anyone who finds they frequently have cold hands throughout the day or when they sleep at night, or for the relief of various painful hand conditions which can be helped by the application of heat therapy. Microwave heated gloves provide fast relief and can be used over and over again and unlike other similar types of warming gloves there are no bulky batteries or electrical cords getting in the way.

Who Can Benefit From Microwaveable Gloves and Mittens

Of course, one of the questions frequently asked about these and any other similar products are such things as: do microwave heated gloves work or are microwavable gloves any good? Microwave hand warming gloves can be used for a number of purposes and will aid a number of medical conditions but they're not a silver bullet. There are limitations, not least, they will go cold over time but you should get a good 30 - 45 minutes of soothing warmth out of them which is more than enough to defrost frozen hands or allow you to fall asleep at night.

Here are some scenarios where a good pair of microwave mittens are useful.

  • Need a gift for an older relative who feels the cold more than most? These are ideal as a quick warm up in the microwave will provide instant relief.
  • Cold hands stopping you getting to sleep at night? Get a better night's sleep heating up gloves in the microwave and enjoying up to an hour of toasty warmth, long enough for most to get to sleep. Pair with microwavable socks and you're well away.
  • Need instant heat relief for arthitis pain? Microwave heatable mittens and gloves warm up fast for quick relief.
  • Achy, stressed hands after a long day at work? Type a lot? Sooth away stress by applying lotion and letting warming gloves heat up and sooth away the aches and pains.

Heatable Glove and Slipper Gift Sets

A pair of heated mittens paired with some heated slippers are perfect for snuggling up in a cold bed to help you get to sleep feeling snug and warm. Microwave Heateable gloves for women and men make a great pampering gift especially for those with poor circulation or who otherwise feel the cold in their extremeties.

Single Heated Mitt For Heat Therapy

If you have a medical condition which requires hot or cold therapy to one hand, then you might prefer to look at a gel heated mitt or heatable rehabilitation gloves which are designed to speed up recovery from certain hand injuries or provide relief for arthritis and other hand and finger joint and muscle pains.


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